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This is where I keep pictures and stuff relating to my old Mitsubishi Delica SpaceGear.
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The dreaded plastic consol !
1. The dreaded plastic consol ! 
Fitting a new Stereo/DVD player...
Removing the centre consol. This also incorporates my old fitting a radio band expander to a L400 style Delica Spacegear photos.
Please note that not all L400 dashes are the same...Some have extra options!
Don't forget, you attempt this (Or anything else for that matter!) at your own risk!.
I would like to say a big thanks to OldSkool Beat for his help.
...And thank you for looking... If you like please sign the guestbook.
Cheers Russ  ©
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2. Breanmeet  (25th April 2009)
The MDOCUK meet at Brean
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Newbury Meet 11-1-09
3. Newbury Meet 11-1-09  (11th January 2009)
The Third MDOCUK Newbury meet at the Narrow Boat Inn. Only 2 photos and only 1 of those is a Deli! D'oh.
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Newbury Meet ll, 27-01-08
4. Newbury Meet ll, 27-01-08  (January 27th 2008)
A MDOCUK meet at the Narrow Boat Pub in Newbury, with a 'paddle' in the local Fords afterwards!
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Matchams 4x4 off road, 23-9-07
5. Matchams 4x4 off road, 23-9-07  (23rd September 2007)
A day out at Matchams 4x4 course
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Mudfest - 10-3-07
6. Mudfest - 10-3-07  (10th March 2007)
A day in the mud around the Salisbury Plains area...
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The New Forest Meet - Sept 2006
7. The New Forest Meet - Sept 2006  (1st to 3rd of September 2006)
The Mitsubishi Delica Owners Club UK meet in the New Forest at New Park. Organised by Yours Truly!
*Warning!* Some of these photos are pretty dire! But it was getting dark and it was raining:(
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Wiltshire Meet 28-7-06
8. Wiltshire Meet 28-7-06  (28th July 2006)
Wiltshire meet held at the Crown pub
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The Bristol Meet - 28-5-06
9. The Bristol Meet - 28-5-06  (28th May 2006)
Another Mystery Machine triumph. A replacement meet for a washed out Weston Beach meet. (The Campsite cancelled). We instead met at the Bristol Import Auctions site. A fantastic success.
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10. Dorsetmeets  (Various)
Pictures of miscellaneous meets usually the 'Hant & Dorset' Meets
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The Meet in the Middle
11. The Meet in the Middle  (7th-9th April 2006)
My pictures of the Meet in the Middle. I have uploaded the full size pictures for a change and you can view them by clicking on 'original'.
Videos are in the 'Video' section.
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Rusty fits a new Steering Wheel...
12. Rusty fits a new Steering Wheel... 
A guide to fitting a new Steering Wheel.
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Salisbury Plain 9-10-05
13. Salisbury Plain 9-10-05  (9th Oct 2005)
A bit of off-Roading and Green Lane fun...
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Abingdon 4x4 festival 2005
14. Abingdon 4x4 festival 2005  (25th September 2005)
Several pictures of 'HelloDave' give an idea of the course conditions...
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Downloads and Flyers etc
15. Downloads and Flyers etc  (Various)
A collection of downloadable stuff such as  flyers and Pdfs etc.
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16. Weston_3  (29th May, 2005)
The 3rd Weston Beach meet and the biggest and best... So Far!
This time I've loaded the full size pictures... So if you want to view them full size to print, then click on 'original' under the photo. Hope you like them.
Video can be found in the 'Video' section...
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17. Bristol_meet_28_3_2005  (March 28th 2005)
The Weston meet at Ashton Court Estate. (And the aftermath on the way home....!!!)
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18. SLINDON SAFARI, 27-2-05  (27th Febuary 2005)
Off road day at the Slindon Safari off road course.
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Weston beach 1
19. Weston beach 1  (May 29th 2004)
The first meet at Weston Super Mare beach - 29-5-04.
What a great day!
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Weston beach 2
20. Weston beach 2  (July 17th, 2004)
The Weston beach meet of 17-7-04
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Delica Greenlaning
21. Delica Greenlaning  (14-12-03 and 21-1-04)
Pictures of my forays onto the Greenlanes with my Delica SpaceGear
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22. BEAULIEU - 2004  (July, 2004)
My Delica at the 4x4 off-road course
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23. TREASURE HUNT, 14-8-04  (August 14th, 2004)
Treasure hunt
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24. Rusty's-album 
My own pics.
A bit of a WARNING as there may be a rude picture at the bottom!!! ;-)
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Having a play off-road
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26. Delipics 
Pictures of Delicas I've come across and collected.
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27. Delicatour  (May 10th-17th, 2004)
A few photos of my Delica near great scenery and also a couple of trains on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
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Central locking conversion and repair.
28. Central locking conversion and repair. 
This is an album with pictures I took whilst converting the old lock to work with a new lock bought from Maplins (Part Number: YD79L 2 wire lock)Thanks go to ALC on Mdocuk for the inspiration!
PDF files are at the bottom of page available for download. If you choose to follow out these directions, please note that I cannot take responsibility for any problems you may encounter. However, please feel free to contact me with any (Useful) suggestions, or if you think I may be able to help further...
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Tailgate Trim removal
29. Tailgate Trim removal 
This was a explanation on how to fit an internal tailgate release. However mine failed after a while! Indeed it jammed up the door!!! So I have removed that part of the album. I have left the pictures of the trim removal for reference purposes. Hope it is still of use...
EDIT: Put some photos back for reference. 2/8/10
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A whole album of small videos of various subjects. Some may take a while to load, please be patient. If you have a slow connection it might pay to 'pause' a streaming video as soon as it starts and let it buffer fully ;-)
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