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AKC & UKC Dog Show Photos
Here you can see the dogs shows we have attended and the results. We enjoy capturing our weekends at the shows. A super fun time for all!

River Ridge Rat Terriers attend the first annual AKC Montgomery County Terrier Specialty, with a supported entry in the Miscellaneous class. We brought home the 1st Montgomery County Best of Breed and Best of Opposite for Rat Terriers!

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2018 Westminster
1. 2018 Westminster 
985 Visits
37 Images
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2017 Royal Canin National Show
2. 2017 Royal Canin National Show  (December 19, 2017)
731 Visits
31 Images
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2016 Royal Canin Orlando, FL
3. 2016 Royal Canin Orlando, FL  (Dec  13th - 18th 2016)
747 Visits
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2015 Westminster Kennel Cub Dog Show
4. 2015 Westminster Kennel Cub Dog Show  (February 17th & 18th, 2015)


BOB  11  GCH Stoneybays Ur Martini's Serv'D CM
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 15746701
Date of Birth: January 16, 2008
Breeder: Tammy Jordan
Sire: Irishglyns Crimson N Clover NBT
Dam: RPK's Black Elegance@SBK
Owner: Stacy McWilliams & Tammy Jordan

OS  12  GCH King Pen Rnb's Queen Ann
SEL  16  GCH Rnb Dos Defying Gravity
SEL 17  Ch Call Me One Tuff Cricket
AOM  18  Ch Crosswind The Big Man In Town
AOM  20  GCH Kenann's Liv'N N Lov' N Life CM
American-Bred Dogs
1/R  21  Wildcliff Steady N Strong Duty Calls
Open Dogs
1/W 14  Seegmillers Challenge Accepted
2556 Visits
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Eukanuba 2014
5. Eukanuba 2014  (December 9-14, 2014)
1993 Visits
37 Images
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2014 AKC National dog show
6. 2014 AKC National dog show    (November 15th and 16th, 2014)
3020 Visits
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2014 Westminster
7. 2014 Westminster  (February 13, 2014)
Day: February 11, 2014
Time: 11:00
Ring: 1
Click Here to watch the Rat Terrier Breed Judging

Best Of Breed Competition

B 21     GCH Stoneybays Ur Martini's Serv'D CM

OS 7 Ch Riverridge Nice Tri Blu By-U

SEL 8 CH Riverridge Trin2 Sail 2 The Top CA

SEL 23 CH Riverridge Writ'N N The Stars

9  Riverridge Sank Ur Battleship

AOM 15 Ch Kenann's Liv'N N Lov 'N Life CM

AOM 19 GCH River Ridge's I Put A Spell On U


American-Bred Dogs

1/W 5     Ratituee Grand Slam I Am

1/R     22     Crosswind The Big Man In Town

2 12  Tanaga Levi Strauss Tvr CM

3 18  Meander He's A Live Wire

4 6   Cohills-Kejo Piece Of Me

Open Bitches

1/W/BW     10 Clover Valley's She's Got Whatever It Is

2/R 11  Cohills Spotted Eye Kandi
Breed: Rat Terrier

3 24 Crosswind's Little Black Dress
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2013 Eukanuba
8. 2013 Eukanuba  (February 13, 2014)
724 Visits
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2013 AKC National Dog Show Weekend
9. 2013 AKC National Dog Show Weekend  (November 16 & 17, 2013)
We had ablast representing the Rat Terrier breed at the show, our handmade booth took 2nd place and $50.00.  We meet a lot of people and discussed the Rat Terrier with many. Looking forward to this benched show next year!
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AKC dog show in VA
10. AKC dog show in VA  (September 27th - 29th, 2013)
1238 Visits
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AKC - 1st Licensed Weekend
11. AKC - 1st Licensed Weekend  (June 27th - 20th)
WOW what a weekend for us!!! We had a lot of AKC "FIRSTS" for the breed ....

River Ridge's Level of Intrigue was the first Rat Terrier to show in a licensed AKC show and take Winners Dog!

River Ridge 2 Bize Be'n Fabulous was the first Rat Terrier WB, BOW,BOB in AKC!
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2013 UKC Premier
12. 2013 UKC Premier  (June 13 -16th, 2013)
TH Marti Top Ten BOB; made Semi-Final cut out of 20 dogs; took #3 in Top Ten Finals out of 20. So ... Out of 483 Top Ten dogs he was #3 ... Not too shabby

TH Skippy Top Ten All-Star Racing but I'm sure exactly all his stuff

F Hunter BOB, Group 3

F Skippy raced and qualified for Total Dog

F Paolo had his first successful Terrier Race and went through the hole

SAT Hunter GRCH out of 16 dogs

SAT Skippy and Paolo GRCH Award of merits

SAT Paolo beat another dog in Terrier Racing

SAT Skippy went Total Dog Group 1 putting him in Total Dog Best in Show ring

SAT Paolo and Mollie did first time fun runs lure coursing and LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!

SUN Out of 11 GRCHs three males were picked for the final cut - Skippy, Paolo and Hunter - hmmm all three River Ridge dogs in the ring. Judge proceeded to give a 3-5 minute speech to remaining handlers about how nice the final 3 dogs were and what each represented as breeding program strengths ... Paolo BOB and Group 3

SUN Paolo takes a 4th place in Terrier Racing out of I think 17 dogs total.

All in all I think we represented the Team proudly!!
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Trenton AKC Open Show
13. Trenton AKC Open Show  (May 4, 2013)
We had a blast today at the AKC Open Show. This was our first open show. There were 5 rats and 10 Misc dogs total.
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Mechanicsville PA UKC
14. Mechanicsville PA UKC  (March 9 &10th, 2013)
859 Visits
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2012 Eukanuba
15. 2012 Eukanuba  (December 16, 2012)
1235 Visits
13 Images
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