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Red River Hunting Deckers


Thanks for visiting Red River Hunting Deckers. I am a breeder of Decker Rat Terriers in Crowley,Texas. Please email or call for available Decker pups. I have several customers who have told me stories of their pup saving kids from rattlesnakes, treeing squirrels, and tracking killed deer at a very young age. Please take the time to go thru the albums and look at some of the pups that have come from here at Red River. You will not be disappointed with a Decker pup from me. I have just purchased the last 5 adult Deckers from Eli Brown at Bluegrass Kennels. This will add great dogs to Red River Hunting Deckers, and allow you to purchase a wonderful puppy. Thanks so much to Eli for allowing me the opportunity of a lifetime to breed these Deckers. Many thanks to Ellis Decker who has become a good friend to me. Also, thanks to Deer Creek Animal Hospital for their help. All pups are wormed and have had 2 shots before leaving Red River. Don't hesitate to add your comments to any picture that you want to. I welcome all your commments. Be sure and hit the "show all tab" to see all the pictures. Thanks, David Wood david6308@att.net Phone # 817-996-0275
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