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1. Malta  (December 2019)
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2. Tunisia  (December 2019)
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3. Rome  (December 2019)
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4. STAPLES 09 APRIL 2021  (NOW)
These are all glossy 8 1/2 X 11 prints, except for the ones marked 11 X 17 to fit. Those are for card stock. Thankyou,    Rob at Action Signs   PH   315 727 2245
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NCS vs Seffner Christian
5. NCS vs Seffner Christian  (April 6, 2021)
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6. Yucatan  (April 2001)
We began and ended our five day journey through the Mexican State of Yucatan in the colonial city of Merida.

From Merida we headed south (in our VW Beetle rental car) to drink in the majestic Mayan ruins at Uxmal.  Using the Villas Arquelogicas at Uxmal as our base, we wandered on a day-long excursion through the nearby low-lying Puuc hills - exploring the ruins at Kabah, Sayil and Labna, only pausing long enough for a traditional Yucatan-style lunch in the town of Ticul.

The next day we set our sights on the gulf coast town of Celestun.  Flamingos, mangrove forests and shimmering white sand beaches beckoned.  After a morning boat tour of the flamingo-laden lagoon outside of Celestun, we drove a few miles north to the idyllic eco-resort (so aptly named "Eco Paraiso") for a well-earned rest.  But soon we were hurtling ourselves back into the urban hum of Merida and then, preparing ourselves for the following day's flight home.

This trip was too brief.  But it could serve anyone as a perfect introduction to Mexico for a visitor who wants to avoid the mega-resorts and experience the culture, history and beauty of this fascinating area.
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7. Cassie  (April 5, 2021)
Champion Timberlane Casino @ Cohill's
A Major and Peg puppy.  
Owned by Amanda Hill, who took a gamble and is doing a wonderful job of titling her.   Cassie deserved her own page.  
DOB:  September 6, 2019
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Cricket X Lucky Litter
8. Cricket X Lucky Litter 
This litter is an AHT and Rat Terrier out-cross. The puppies were born March 21, 2021 and will NOT be ready for their new homes before May 16, 2021.

The breeder will take her pick(s) from the litter before any other buyer has a puppy assigned to them.  

There are 4 females and 6 males. ALL puppies are Coated.       

The puppies will be PLL, PRA-PRCD, DM, vWD, IVDD, DCM 1, DCM 2 and AMS clear by parentage. Both parents have also been health tested for Patella and Cardiac with normal test results. This litter has had their tails docked and their dew claws removed.

The sire of this litter is an AKC Champion Rat Terrier.    

We do not breed for color, we breed for the betterment of the breed which includes conformation, health and temperament. A majority of puppies go into pet/companion homes while some will go into homes that will let them use their natural rattie abilities, so we do our best to ensure that we keep that terrier attribute and put the right puppy in the right home.

If you are interested in one of these beautiful babies, please send us an email and ask for an application to be emailed to you. References are required.


1. Breeder hold
2. MJB


1. Breeder Hold

Once a decision has been made as to which puppy is going into your home, a deposit to hold your puppy is required.

ALL pet/companion puppies will go on spay/neuter contracts with registration information with-held until proof of spay/neuter and contract has been honored.

Show/Breeding homes will be determined on a case by case basis as will co-ownership.
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Blackman's Crown 03/04/2021
9. Blackman's Crown 03/04/2021 
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10. NCS vs IMG  (April 1, 2021)
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224 Images
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11. 71chconv 
Full details coming. See hermansclassics.com for details or 606-521-4156.
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NCS vs Land O'Lakes
12. NCS vs Land O'Lakes  (April 1, 2021)
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NCS vs Indian Rocks
13. NCS vs Indian Rocks  (April 1, 2021)
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Senior Night
14. Senior Night  (April 1, 2021)
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2021 - Joe Williams Post #55's Party
15. 2021 - Joe Williams Post #55's Party 
Joe Williams Post 55's Legion Family Birthday Celebration.
Farmer City, Illinois.    March 20, 2021

Sue Cunniff Coughlin, Department Auxiliary President
Roy Weber, Department American Legion Commander
Phil Stander, Department SAL Squadron Commander

Gary Risler, Commander Legion Post 55
Sandra Kirby, President Auxiliary Unit 55
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