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J.D. McCarthy Baseball Postcards
1. J.D. McCarthy Baseball Postcards 
25 Visits
920 Images
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1999 Pokemon Game - Fossil
2. 1999 Pokemon Game - Fossil 
Fossil, released on October 8, 1999, is the third expansion set of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Fossil contains the fewest cards of any standard set in the card game (62). Future sets would often use a gimmick to differentiate its cards from other sets. This set was known for its unfinished holofoil printing error of Zapdos and first TCG appearance of Ditto.
74 Visits
15 Images
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2018 Topps Archives - "The Sandlot"
3. 2018 Topps Archives - "The Sandlot" 
46 Visits
13 Images
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2022 Park City Car Show
4. 2022 Park City Car Show  (07-04-2022)
Car Show held at Mclean Park at Park City Kansas.  Here are a few of the cars.
78 Visits
21 Images
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Flinthill's No Biz Like Sho Biz (Sara)
5. Flinthill's No Biz Like Sho Biz (Sara) 

"This coated girl is a black and brindled tan, with white markings. She's a beautiful example of the pattern referred to as a "trindle" (black, tan, white tri), because her tan points are brindle marked."-Bonnie Turner

Sarah's full of character and personality. She is energetic, has wonderful prey drive and her looks aren't too bad either! She was bred by Bonnie and Mike Turner at Flinthill's Kennel in Georgia.

369 Visits
13 Images
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FMF's Hope On The Rocks (Hope)
6. FMF's Hope On The Rocks (Hope) 
dob 1/3/2016
(Whinny x Digger)
101 Visits
8 Images
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Gracie (Roanoke, VA)
7. Gracie (Roanoke, VA) 
For more info or to apply to adopt, please go https://NewRattitude.org .
158 Visits
3 Images
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J. D. McCarthy Baseball Postcards
8. J. D. McCarthy Baseball Postcards  (June 30, 2022)
J. D. McCarthy baseball postcard collection of Hall of Famers and stars
25 Visits
920 Images
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Morton Mystics 10 u
9. Morton Mystics 10 u  (June 28, 2022)
238 Visits
89 Images
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Ch. Barhund Who Let The Dog's Out BCAT
10. Ch. Barhund Who Let The Dog's Out BCAT 
229 Visits
2 Images
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1888 N162 Goodwin Champions
11. 1888 N162 Goodwin Champions 
287 Visits
8 Images
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2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! Fives Pieces of Exodia
12. 2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! Fives Pieces of Exodia 
Exodia the Forbidden One is arguably one of the most well-known known monsters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise due to the fact that if you draw all five Exodia cards in a duel (i.e. head, legs, and arms) then you win the game.
274 Visits
3 Images
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Bugs Raymond Collection
13. Bugs Raymond Collection 
John J. McGraw once said: “I shall never forget Bugs Raymond. There, by the way, was one of the greatest natural pitchers that ever lived. He had his odd ways of thinking while off the field, but once in the box he knew exactly what he was doing. All we had to do was to keep him in physical condition. That, though, was the thing nobody ever succeeded in doing.”
262 Visits
12 Images
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The Farewell Litter
Darby x Duncan
Born on June 6, 2022

312 Visits
21 Images
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Towbe’s adventurers return
15. Towbe’s adventurers return  (2022)
Sorry for the long delay. Towbe took sick 3+ weeks ago so adventures were out of the question. Today I put up several photos of an adventure he had shortly before his illness.
Hope you will enjoy these photos.
Now that the pandemic is allowing everyone out and about again Towbe our Chihuahua would like to share his adventures with you once again.
592 Visits
24 Images
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