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Lando is just a year old. He's a sturdy little guy at 23 lbs., possibly mixed with corgi or JRT. For more info or to apply to adopt, please go http://www.NewRattitude.org.
Date(s): Durham, NC. Album by New Rattitude. 1 - 9 of 9 Total. 457 Visits.
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This is me impersonating a Corgi. My ears are awesome!

Enlarge photo 2
I do like to make the dirt fly.
This sandbox is awesome!

Enlarge photo 3
Just busy being busy.
This stick is awesome!

Enlarge photo 4
Nothing like chillin' in a warm sun puddle!

Enlarge photo 5
This is my Sphinx impersonation.

Enlarge photo 6
And here I am doing a JRT.

Enlarge photo 7
Hanging with my homies at the daycare. We like to dress alike.

Enlarge photo 8
Why no, I haven't been digging. Why do you ask?

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Practicing my moves with the clicker. Clicker training is awesome and *I* am the awesomest!!

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