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Jaxson (Jax)  is six months old and a purebred Rat Terrier.  He is a fun and high energy pup that would love a home where he gets to go on daily walks, runs and possibly agility play time.  He is great with people and dogs.  As active as he is, he loves to cuddle up and snuggle when he needs a nap. For adoption info or an application, please visit the New Rattitude Website.
Album by Kimberly A Auxier. Photos by Kimberly A Auxier. 1 - 8 of 8 Total. 657 Visits.
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Birthdate 3/17/2023.  13 lbs of cuteness.

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Learning how to explore the back yard.

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Nap time

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Playing chase in the back yard while carrying a rock.

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Look at my beautiful ears!

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More tag with my rock.

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Hanging out with my family.

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Always looking to see what is going on in my back yard.

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