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Dot is a two year old friendly 12 pound rat terrier looking for the perfect family to shower her with affection.

For adoption info or an application, please visit the New Rattitude Website.
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Dot is a gorgeous two year old 12 pound rat terrier found as a stray in Georgia.

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Adorable Dottie is always wagging that lovely long tail. It's very expressive.

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Dot is a good leash walker and loves to explore the neighborhood.

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Dot does not respect personal space of her favorite people. She wants to be up close and personal if you'll let her. Laps are great but undivided attention very close to your face is even better.

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Dot has excellent fashion sense. She had an itchy skin infection and wears protective shirts like a champ while she's recovering.

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Dot and Peaches get a chance to play near their Virginia foster homes. They both enjoy other dogs close to their size.

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Natural terrier behaviors wrestling this toy bunny.

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When Dot has had enough of this waiting for dinner nonsense.

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Sometimes the light catches her beautiful fur just right.

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Sunning in the perfect spring temperatures is the best.

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Meeting dogs just after she arrive at the Rat Terrier Jamboree. She enjoyed meeting all the dogs, but the people who petted her were her favorites.

Enlarge photo 12
More gentle greets with other ratties.

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Dot loves a good play session and wishes the other small dog in her foster home would play too.

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toys indoors and toys outdoors.

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Dot and Peaches play with former NR foster dog Scout (laying on her back enticing play). Small dog gatherings are their favorites.

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