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Cedar (Naples, Idaho)
Cedar will be 8 years old in July of 2024. Cedar was used for breeding for the first 5-6 years of her life and is still getting used to kind humans and frightens easily. She loves attention once she trusts and wants to be with or near her person all the time. For adoption info or an application, please visit the New Rattitude Website.
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It didn't take Cedar long to figure out the warmest place to be.

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Cedar cuddling with foster brother, Crash. She is pretty mellow during the day and likes to nap while foster parents do some work.

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Cedar was pretty nervous when she first came into foster care. She liked to watch and get a feel for everyone before she let us show her any affection.

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Such a pretty girl with deep, soulful eyes.

Enlarge photo 6
Enjoying sunshine.

Enlarge photo 7
Smiling. ;-)

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Foster parents are never alone in the kitchen, Cedar is right there to see what she might get. This girl loves her treats and especially bananas.

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Cedar has started to want to go for walks and even has her tail up where before it was totally tucked. She does frighten easily from loud noises like gunfire or construction. Best to keep her on a harness as she has pulled out of her collar and she will always be a flight risk.

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Vet visit. She was pretty frightened and completely stiff with the doctor. We decided to muzzle her just to avoid a negative experience for all.

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