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Baxter is a handsome 8 year old rattie who doesn't let his blindness hold him back!  He’s a sweetheart who gets along with other dogs, loves to snuggle and cuddle, and is an all around chill companion.
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Enlarge photo 1
Hi, my name is Baxter. Everyone says I’m a very handsome boy.  I’m 8-10 years old and I weigh 23 lbs. That makes me the perfect size for your lap.

Enlarge photo 2
No one knows my prior history, and I’m not telling, but I was in pretty bad shape when I was found. All that’s behind me, thank goodness, except that I can’t see. The vet said I have nerve damage from some trauma.  I can see light and shadow, so I know how to get to a sunny spot, but I can't see objects or any movement.  My ears and nose make up for that, and once I know my way around I do very well.

Enlarge photo 3
I like going out in the yard and exploring. There are all kinds of wonderful smells out there and I can hear the lizards and frogs moving about.  I check out all the bushes really well just in case I can catch one - I am, after all, a proud rat terrier.

Enlarge photo 4
I’ve also discovered leash walks, and I love them. When I first got here, Foster Mom took me out in the yard and then left me at home while she walked everyone else.  I set her straight on that, and now I wag my tail nonstop as we all get harnessed for a pack walk every morning and every afternoon.  As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” It’s a big world out there and I want to “see” as much as I can.

Enlarge photo 5
Back in the yard, just to check things out.

Enlarge photo 6
Sometimes I cruise around with foster sis.  There's an old saying that if you want to travel fast, go alone, but if you want to travel far, go together.  I’m looking for the person who wants to go the distance with me!

Enlarge photo 7
Just smell that fresh air!

Enlarge photo 8
Once I’ve finished sniffing around, I like to lie in the warm sun.  This gravel soaks up the warmth and keeps me toasty all over, lol.

Enlarge photo 9
Nothing like a little sunbathing together, although foster bro prefers a sandy spot.

Enlarge photo 10
Time to go back inside.  Foster Mom is calling, and that means TREATS!  I live for treats - soft treats, chewy treats, crunchy treats, peanut butter.  Yum! They’re all SO good.

Enlarge photo 11
This is my waiting-for-it-and-I’m-not-moving-until-I-get-one pose once we’re back inside. I don’t crowd the others or try to steal their treats.  I know my turn will come, but it is nice to be first in line.

Enlarge photo 12
Now that I’ve had some outdoor time and some treats it’s time for a snooze.  I have several places I like to curl up.  All of them are soft and squishy and snuggly.  I like to perch.  If I come live with you I hope it’ll be ok for me to get up on the couch and the chair and the cushions. I need those Goldilocks moments to find the spot that’s just right!

Enlarge photo 13
I have several “just right” places. The top of this chair is one.

Enlarge photo 14
And sometimes the top of the couch.

Enlarge photo 15
And yes, I like my doggie bed, too, as long as it’s soft and snuggly.

Enlarge photo 16
True to my rattie nature, I love to burrow.  Sometimes you just need to put your head under the covers, know what I mean?

Enlarge photo 17
Living the good life!

Enlarge photo 18
That was a nice nap.  I know we’ll be going for another walk in a bit but for now I’m really chill.  I’m never impatient to get going. I just wait until I hear “let’s go!”  Words to live by!

Enlarge photo 19
Oh boy oh boy, here we go!  That’s me leading the pack!  Foster Mom prompts me with her voice where to go or gives a gentle tug on my leash and I know I have to wait for one of the others. I’m ok with a car or a runner going by, but if I hear folks talking to each other as they are walking past us I bark. I have to make sure they know I’m here!   But once they’re past we just keep cruising along.

Enlarge photo 20
When we’re walking I also get cues from the other dogs.  They help me decide when to keep going -  ahem, take the lead - and when to stop and smell the roses.  I get along with all the pack.  I’m living with another foster who’s a bit of a diva, and she sometimes tries to be the boss of me, but I just move out of the way.

Enlarge photo 21
Once we’re back from our walk I often take a last turn out in the yard, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Enlarge photo 22
This is my “please pet me” pose. Unless I am sitting right next to you, I can’t see you to put my paw on your hand. But YOU can see ME!

Enlarge photo 23
I’m a pretty low-key guy.  I am housebroken and don’t make a mess in the house.  If I have to go outside I fidget or walk over to the door.  We also get breaks in the yard every so often so we don’t always have to ask.  Yard breaks are very good for my personal well-being.  I know Ferris would approve.

Enlarge photo 24
I have a couple of soft toys I play with but I really like chewing on my antler or my nylabone.  I don’t really play with my canine siblings.  It’s nice to have them around, but I’m happy on my own.

Enlarge photo 25
I just relax when Foster Mom has to run an errand.  I’m not anxious or destructive while she’s gone.  I do run to greet her when she comes back and I stand up on my hind legs to give her a hug.  Having a person is the best, and I know that someone out there is going to feel the same way about me.  Hugs make all the difference!

Enlarge photo 26
As I mentioned, I’m pretty chill.  Because of COVID there hasn’t been an opportunity for me to meet a lot of different people, and I’m a little shy at first so that’s been ok with me. The vet said I was really good - I liked the vet tech a lot because she petted and cuddled me and said nice things, but I growled a little at the vet - sheesh, who wouldn’t?  All that poking and prodding.  But I don’t bite or get aggressive.  I just need a moment to get to know you, and I’ll do better in a quiet home environment where I can count on you being there much of the time.

Enlarge photo 27
Once I’ve had my dinner - oh yeah, I love dinner - it’s time to snuggle down for a quiet evening of reading or a movie.  You’ve already seen some of the soft spots where I like to land, but I also like to snuggle next to my person on the couch.

Enlarge photo 28
Here I am in between Foster Mom and little bro. My paw is on her leg just to let her know I don’t want her to move anytime soon!

Enlarge photo 29
Of course, the best place to be is on someone’s lap.  Big sis found room in the chair, too, right next to her mom, but I’ve got the best spot.

Enlarge photo 30
Life just doesn’t get any better than this, unless it’s in my “furever” home.  Foster Mom says my perfect family is out there. I can hardly wait!

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