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Reunion 2018
A gathering of shipmates
Album by Albacore. Photos by Various. 1 - 24 of 66 Total. 37458 Visits.
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Banner seen coming off the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge (middle bridge) taking the Route 1A By-Pass between Portsmouth and Kittery. Edit

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Banner welcoming the 2018 reunion attendees. Edit

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The team of sailors from the USS New Mexico (SSN 779) who came to deliver tables, chairs and to put up our tent. Edit

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Tent anchor stakes being unloaded. Edit

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Arranging the tent parts. Edit

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And up she goes! Edit

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Phew. We're done. Where's the coffee and donuts? Edit

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Last Albacore CO Captain David Kratch and longest in command of Albacore Captain Roy Springer. Edit

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Joe Gluckert on tour Edit
Friday morning, shipyard historian Je Gluckert took 29 of us on a guided tour of the unclassified areas of the shipyard. Edit

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Tour group at the Squalus/Sailfish Memorial. Edit

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The tour group had lunch at the Tirante Tavern. Pictured at Table 1 (facing the camera) are Tim & Claudia Brady, Sharon & Steve Cuff, Steve Cuff the younger, Paul & Kevin Cuff Edit

Enlarge photo 12
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At Table 2, Steve Hogan(white beard) & guest Pamela Wofford, George Horne & Theresa Ann Profenno and Frank Sardinha. Edit

Enlarge photo 13
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Maureen and Bob Couchon are the other couple dining at Table 2. Edit

Enlarge photo 14
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Seated at Table 3 were Bob Molchan (dark shirt with back to camera) , Jim Tyrell, Helene Stuecklen and Tom Bachman, Allen Hooker, Michael Hashem (guest of Bill Birtles) and Bill Birtles (light shirt with back to camera). Edit

Enlarge photo 15
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Seated around Table 4 (beginning on the left)were Bob and Janis Kempkes, Patti Violette (new PSMA Executive Director), Ken Latchaw, Doug and Marianne Stanton and Ellie Hunter (back to camera) Edit

Enlarge photo 16
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The old Portsmouth Naval Prison was one of the stops on the tour. It still looks formidable but is in tough physical shape. Edit

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Due to crumbling condition of the building, we were not allowed to get too close for fear of being struck by falling masonry. Edit

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Shipmate Jim Kraut and Bill Birtles guest Michael Hashem relax in the shade. Edit

Enlarge photo 19
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Russ Schondorf was a MM2 when he served on Albacore '66-'68. Edit

Enlarge photo 20
At Foster's Edit
Jim Sears (guest of the Hunters) with Tim & Claudia Brady Edit

Enlarge photo 21
At Foster's Edit
Jack & Ellie Hunter with their guest Nancy Sears Edit

Enlarge photo 22
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A copy of the invitation to attend the reunion banquet that was held Saturday night at the Atlantic Grill in Rye. 87 shipmates & wives and guests attended. Edit

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Captain David Kratch, last Commanding Officer of Albacore, was gonged aboard in the time-honored tradition of the sounding of two sets of two bells. Edit

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Captain Roy Springer followed Captain Kratch in being gonged aboard. Edit

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