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Pam's Fall Car & Motorcycle Meet 2019
Jim Schlick once again hosted what will be the final fall car and motorcycle meet/cruise-in. After 20 or so years of hosting this event, he has decided that it is time to retire. We can't remember exactly when we started, but the first fall car meet was just a handful of Peugeot enthusiasts camped out in Pam and Jim's family room when they lived in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The fall car meet quickly grew and included many mostly French and other European car enthusiasts. After returning to Bloomington, Indiana, in 2006 they expanded the scope to include all classic automobiles and added motorcycles to the mix. It was renamed Pam's Fall Car and Motorcycle Meet/Cruise-in in her memory after Pam's passing in December 2007. I have attended every one of the fall meets since the beginning!

This year's fall meet/cruise-in enjoyed beautiful weather at Jim's home in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. We hope that you enjoy the photos! Please feel free to add comments.   This Year I decided to drive my 1972 Volvo 1800ES, this was the first long road trip in the car. Made the 1400 mile round trip From Richmond, Virginia, with no problems at all. Just a great ride on a Beautiful weekend and a great Gettogether at Jim's place.
Date(s): October19, 2019. Album by Steffen Moller. Photos by Steffen Moller & Paul Schlick. 1 - 62 of 62 Total. 660 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Jim’s 1960 Peugeot 403 Station Wagon (aka Break)

Enlarge photo 2
Steffen washing the road dust off his 1972 Volvo P1800 ES Sportswagon. He drove it from Richmond, Virginia

Enlarge photo 3
Steffen continuing to wash his P1800

Enlarge photo 4
Paul and Judy’s 2001 Audi TT waiting to be moved to the ‘show field’. They drove it from Maple Grove, Minnesota

Enlarge photo 5
Jim’s Peugeots (and his Harley-Davidson) waiting and ready for the day to begin!

Enlarge photo 6
We left several of Jim's Peugeots (and his Allis Chalmers WD-45 pedal tractor) in the pole barn during the fall meet/cruise-in

Enlarge photo 7
Another view of the Peugeots that were left in the pole barn for the day

Enlarge photo 8
The view from Jim’s house as our cars are being staged and before the guests arrive

Enlarge photo 9
The view from Jim’s ‘Peugeot Polebarn’ as our cars are being staged and before the guests arrive

Enlarge photo 10
The first guest arrives… Alan and his 1957 Chevy

Enlarge photo 11
The ’57 Chevy’s engine

Enlarge photo 12
Checking out Alan’s 1957 Chevy

Enlarge photo 13
More guest autos and their owners arrive

Enlarge photo 14
The guest autos continue to arrive

Enlarge photo 15
Two of Jim’s Peugeot ‘hot hatches’:  1988 205 GTI 1.9 on the left and 2001 206 XS 1.6 on the right

Enlarge photo 16
Four of Jim’s Peugeots, from left-to-right:  1992 605 SV3.0, 1984 604 Turbodiesel, 2000 406 Coupe, 1991 405 Mi16

Enlarge photo 17
Niels' 1970 Triumph Spitfire

Enlarge photo 18
A long-distance view from the south. It’s still pretty early in the day

Enlarge photo 19
Jim (in green sweatshirt) talking with Laura and Iain, no doubt about Peugeot 206s, as Steffen looks on

Enlarge photo 20
Two Peugeot 206s:  Jim’s 2001 206 XS on the left, and Laura and Iain’s 206 on the right. Laura and Iain drove from Joplin, Missouri to attend the fall meet!

Enlarge photo 21
There was plenty of time to talk about cars, the beautiful weather, and…

Enlarge photo 22
Even though it was a beautiful day, many of the discussions took place inside as well

Enlarge photo 23
Steffen describing the finer points of his Volvo P1800 ES Sportswagon

Enlarge photo 24
There was much interest in the P1800

Enlarge photo 25
A view from the rear of several of the cars, including Gary's Toyota MR2 and Butch's 1959 Edsel Ranger

Enlarge photo 26
Pam’s brother Herb talking with his cousin’s Susan (from near Detroit, Michigan) and John (from near Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Enlarge photo 27
It was a beautiful day to relax and enjoy the company whether you were inside or outside

Enlarge photo 28
The discussions continued outside as well as inside

Enlarge photo 29
The ‘show field’ was filling up by early afternoon

Enlarge photo 30
Bob and Cheryl relaxing in the sunshine. They drove a 1965 Mustang

Enlarge photo 31
The discussions continued throughout the afternoon

Enlarge photo 32
A view of the ‘show field’ from Jim’s house. We don’t have a final count of how many vehicles showed up, but it was a great turnout!

Enlarge photo 33
Another view from Jim’s house

Enlarge photo 34
Michael’s 1976 BMW R60/6 motorcycle

Enlarge photo 35
Gary’s 1988 S10 pickup and Mike’s 1965 Mustang

Enlarge photo 36
The discussions continued throughout the afternoon. As you can see, it was a beautiful day!

Enlarge photo 37
John and Haroon enjoying the beautiful weather

Enlarge photo 38
Michael's two-wheel BMW motorcycle is flanked by many makes and models of four-wheel vehicles

Enlarge photo 39
Bob enjoying the afternoon with the top down on his 2006 Lexus SC430

Enlarge photo 40
Sorry, we don't know who drove this Hudson, but it is a beautiful example!

Enlarge photo 41
It was a nice, relaxing afternoon

Enlarge photo 42
Tucker and Steffen in the office in the 'Peugeot Polebarn'

Enlarge photo 43
Jim talking with neighbors Kitty and Tom

Enlarge photo 44
Herb and Patrick in an active discussion. Patrick is the only other Peugeot owner in Bloomington, Indiana

Enlarge photo 45
Ella relaxing behind Steffen's 1972 Volvo P1800 Sportswagon

Enlarge photo 46
Two of Jim's Peugeots in articles and a calendar, all from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, which is no longer published

Enlarge photo 47
Steffen getting ready to 'hoist the flag' at the entry to the driveway

Enlarge photo 48
Jim's 1991 405 Mi16 being admired from the rear! ;-)

Enlarge photo 49
Hummmm!?! I wonder what has captured their attention!?!

Enlarge photo 50
Another view of five of Jim's Peugeots: 1992 605 SV3.0, 1984 604 TD, 2000 406 Coupe, 1991 405 Mi16, and 1960 403 Station Wagon

Enlarge photo 51
Jim's 1960 403 Station Wagon

Enlarge photo 52
Jim's 1984 604 Turbodiesel and 2000 406 Coupe

Enlarge photo 53
Where'd all the people go? Oh, we think this was taken before they arrived! :-)

Enlarge photo 54
Ella and her aunt Susan enjoying the moment

Enlarge photo 55
Steffen's 1972 Volvo P1800 Sportswagon with some of the early arriving guest

Enlarge photo 56
Tucker's 1962 MGA Deluxe parked beside Joe's 1952 Kaiser

Enlarge photo 57
Three sports cars: a Mazda Miata, a Porsche 928S, and an Audi TT

Enlarge photo 58
The only homemade dune buggy in the show field!

Enlarge photo 59
Jim and Ken relaxing in the afternoon sun

Enlarge photo 60
Hey, where are you going on that Peugeot bicycle?!? As many of you know, Peugeot started making bicycles in the late 1800's!

Enlarge photo 61
Three sporty Peugeots: Jim's 1988 205 GTI and 2001 206 XS, and Laura and Iain's 206

Enlarge photo 62
Steffen's Volvo P1800 at the weekly Thursday afternoon cruise-in at the local Hardee's in Bloomington, Indiana

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