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Solex 40PBIC Carb Restoration / 1952
Solex 40PBIC carburetors that came off a 1952 1500S Porsche Cabriolet Engine.  They were given to  me to perform my "magic" and make them look and perform as NOS/NEW!  

These are the owner comments when he recieved the carburetors. "Hi Joe,  I just got back from vacation and opened your package. WOW these are beautiful hate to put them on. Hope things are well with you. Will keep in touch . Thanks again for all of your help. I will tell everybody to send you their carburetors from now on!  There is NOBODY better". Bob Murray: 1952 Porsche Cabriolet
Album by Joe Ruiz. Photos by Joe Ruiz. 1 - 31 of 31 Total.
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Enlarge photo 1

Solex 40PBIC carbs as recieved from customer for rebuilding/restoration.

Enlarge photo 2

Carbs are complete but need a complete service rebuild/restoration to make these beauties run as NOS/New!

Enlarge photo 3

Worn choke shafts!  Since these are NOT rebuildable,  they were replaced.

Enlarge photo 4

Stuck / frozen bronze plug in carb body.  Required drilling for removal.

Enlarge photo 5

Typical stripped threads common in all "soft" pot metal bodied carbs.  Dont fret!  These can be saved!

Enlarge photo 6

WOW!  Elongation City!  Note screw hole on right.  Very, VERY bad!

Enlarge photo 7

Removal of throttleshafts required drilling out attachment screws through butterfly in order to repair these correctly!

Enlarge photo 8

Screws removed!  Note surface condition of throttleshaft.  This must be turned on lathe to properly "true" and remove rust.

Enlarge photo 9

One pair of Solex 40 PBIC carbs.  Apart and ready for rebuilding / restoring!

Enlarge photo 10

Accelerator pump acutating rod is worn!  This is typical on most Solex carbs that have been in service for many years!

Enlarge photo 11

"You can toss a wet cat through that gap" was one customers comment when he saw how bad his carbs were worn.

Enlarge photo 12

Silicone bronze bushing installed and ready for final reaming.

Enlarge photo 13

Ta-da!  Bushing reamed per thottleshaft dimentions for extremely tight tolernces!  No more leaking carbs!

Enlarge photo 14

Porsche carburetor and Super intake manifold  mounting surfaces have been surfaced perfectly flat for a positive seal.

Enlarge photo 15

Carb housing halves have been machined perfectly flat where carb top gasket seals around perimeter.

Enlarge photo 16

Throttleshafts have been "trued/polished" and ready for black oxide chem. treatment.

Enlarge photo 17

Throttleshafts after polishing and black oxide chem. treatment.

Enlarge photo 18

Butterfly and throttleshaft as installed.  Look new!

Enlarge photo 19

Close-up shows careful attention to detail...

Enlarge photo 20

Carbs as returned to customer!

Enlarge photo 21

Note second set of 40 PBIC carbs ready for same treatment in background.

Enlarge photo 22

"Beautiful" was the statement that the owner of these carbs made when he saw them after the transformation.

Enlarge photo 23

Attention to assembly and detail is what brings customers back for more.....

Enlarge photo 24

No more worn / bent parts here!  Customer is happy!

Enlarge photo 25

Enlarge photo 26

Enlarge photo 27

Enlarge photo 28

Enlarge photo 29

Enlarge photo 30

Enlarge photo 31

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