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Town Wagon Fender Repair
Ron Reichhart repairs the rear fender of Joe's Townie
Date(s): December 9, 2002. Album by Joe Cimoch. 1 - 15 of 15 Total. 1508 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
1963 Town Wagon passenger side fender. Typical rot.

Enlarge photo 2
Ron cuts out the rot, back to some solid steel. He left the bottom edge of the fender intact to use as a guide. He ground down the paint above the cut.

Enlarge photo 3
Ron using a flanging tool in his air tool. This makes a nice flange to weld into in very short time.

Enlarge photo 4
You can see the nice lip the tool creates. You can also see the badly rotted inner fender. Ron fabricated a piece of steel to repair the inner fender as well.

Enlarge photo 5
Ron sets a compass to get a distance from the bottom edge of the fender to the top part of the lip created by the flanging tool. This will be transferred to the donor fender later.

Enlarge photo 6
Ron with his 4 1/2" grinder mounted with a 3M disk used to grind off paint.

Enlarge photo 7
Back side of disk.

Enlarge photo 8
Face of the 3M disk. Ron says these come in 3 grits, available from welding supply houses.

Enlarge photo 9
Ron grinds the paint off a Dodge stepside rear fender donated by Eric B. The shape is almost identical to the Town Wagon rear fender. Stepside fenders from 53-85 should work.

Enlarge photo 10
Ron marks the fender with the compass he set from the Town Wagon fender.

Enlarge photo 11
Ron cuts along the pencil line he just made with the compass, using an air chisel.

Enlarge photo 12
Ron positions the donor fender into place using Vise-Grip clamps.

Enlarge photo 13
Ron used his mig welder to weld the panel in place. He stitched the panel, let everything cool down, then finished welding along the entire seam.

Enlarge photo 14
Grinding down the welds with a flap wheel.

Enlarge photo 15
Ron applying a coat of plastic filler. Nice job Ron, thanks!

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