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Richland Section 2006
Annual pictoral summary of the activities of the Richland (WA) Section of the American Chemical Society
Date(s): Calendar Year 2006. Album by Janet Bryant. Photos by Bryant, unless noted. 1 - 37 of 37 Total. 736 Visits.
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ChemLuminary MadScientistBill PICT2182 Edit
The Richland Section proudly supports chemists with a sense of humor Edit

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dig it Edit
ACS Richland Section members celebrated Earth Day 2006 with a joint Chem-is-TREE event held on April 26, 2006 in the Jeannette Taylor Skate Park. Edit

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Richland Janet Bill 4-26-06 Earth Day ChemisTREE DSCF0716 Edit
Forest Green Oak (Quercus frainetto) Grows to 35' - 40'; large Shade tree for parking lot.; This is an upright growing, vigorous oak with a strong central leader. Drought resistant and adaptable, its glossy deep green foliage and strong symmetrical shape make it one of the best looking trees all summer. (Note the "Dig It" Earth Day sign from ACS that Bill Samuels is holding.) Edit

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Janet_Bill_4-26-06_Earth_Day_ChemisTREE_DSCF0716.JPG Edit
Volunteers from the Richland ACS plant the Forest Green Oak, 2006's Chem-is-TREE, with the help of Tim Werner (City of Richland Parks and Facilities Resource Manager) and Terry Deines (City of Richland Facilities Specialist and certified Arborist) Edit

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Richland ForestService City Students 2006-DSCF0744 Edit
The event, hosted by Brian Cramer (Benton PUD) and Tim Werner (City of Richland) brought together volunteers from the ACS Richland Section, Hanford High Ecology Club, the Forest Service, Benton PUD, and multiple orgs from the City of Richland. Edit

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Richland KVEW Reporter Earth Day 2006-DSCF0727 Edit
KVEW Reporter films as volunteers plant 9 trees at Jeannette Taylor Skate Park. http://www.ci.richland.wa.us/RICHLAND/Parks/ Edit

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Richland Press EcologyStudents 2006-DSCF0743 Edit
Press Reporter gets an interesting view of volunteers planting an Earth Day tree. Edit

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ACS Earth Day patch Edit
Hanford High School Ecology Students received the ACS Earth Day patch for their participation in Earth Day activities, including the Chem-is-TREE planting on April 26, 2006. Edit

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Festival of Trees - La Grande - OR Edit
Hundreds of children enjoyed making paint from colored chalk and glue and drawing colorful decorations. Edit

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Girls in Science Edit
Girls measure the effect of temperature on Dissolved Oxygen. Edit

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Girls in Science Edit
Elsie Samakai, SAACS at Eastern Oregon University, instructs participants on the use of Atomic Absorption spetrometry to determine lead in water. Edit

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Girls in Science Edit
Dr. Barbara Harper, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, talks about lead uptake by plants. Edit

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Picture1.wmf Edit
Glen Fryxell receives the 2006 Northwest Regional
Industrial Innovation Award
From Howard Peters, ACS Board of Directors
This is the third year in a row that a member of the section has won the award. We are proud of our award winners as well as our Award Nominators for taking the time to honor their colleagues.

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Networking-PICT2128 Edit
Colleagues congratulate Jean Futtrell of the Richland Section at the National Meeting when National ACS Awards were announced Edit

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Picture2 Edit
Jean Futrell is the 2006 ACS Frank H. Field and Joe L. Franklin Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mass Spectrometry. The award will be presented at the 2007 American Chemical Society meeting in Chicago. Edit

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Girls in Science Edit
EOU student affiliate Meaghan Hammers (in the center) helping participants complete a nitrate analysis in a water sample Edit

Enlarge photo 17
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Girls in Science Edit
EOU student affiliates Matthew Bechaver and Ramsey Edwards explain to a group of participants how to analyze water for presence of diesel spills using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry Edit

Enlarge photo 18
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Girls in Science Edit
Two participants (safely) analyzing a water sample for phosphates. Edit

Enlarge photo 19
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Girls in Science Edit
Eastern Oregon University student affiliate Tara Boethin (right) helping one of the participants read a colorimetric scale to determine pH of a water sample. Edit

Enlarge photo 20
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ACS National Meeting - Atlanta Edit
Eastern Oregon University students affilaites and Dr. Anna Cavinato, chapter mentor, received a commendable award for the activities conducted in 2005-2006. Edit

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50 Year Member Celebration Edit
Fifty year members Peter Jackson and Paul Gruzensky were recognized at the April 21st  Meeting.

L-R: Fred Bauer; Lee Burger; Joe Soldat; Peter Jackson; Paul Gruzensky; Jack Ryan (all 50 year + members)

Enlarge photo 22
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50 Year Member Celebration Edit
50 Year Member Celebration and reception.  EOU Student Affiliates presented their posters from the Spring 2006 National Meeting. Edit

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Picture10.wmf Edit
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Picture11.wmf Edit
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Nonotechnology Worshop - ACS National Meeting - San Francisc Edit
Workshop presented by Richland Section Student Affiliates from EOU at the 2006 National ACS Fall 2006 Meeting in San Francisco Edit

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Picture13 Edit
Therese Clauss questions Akshai Baskaran on his Science Fair Project that received Honorable Mention award from the Richland Section. Edit

Enlarge photo 27
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Picture14 Edit
Bruce McNamara and Lee Burger Quiz 8th grade student on his Science Fair Project Edit

Enlarge photo 28
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Picture15 Edit
Anna Cavinato receiving ACS Salute to Excellence award at Volunteer Recognition Night from 2006 Section Chair Bill Samuels Edit

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Picture16 Edit
Carol Berg as Madame Curie - NCW Edit

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Picture17 Edit
Student Poster Contest - NCW Edit

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Picture18 Edit
Student Poster Contest - NCW Edit

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ChemLuminaryWCC2005 AnnaCavinato AmberHinkle KatieHunt MaryCarroll PICT2172 Edit
Richland Section Anna Cavinato, Chair of the Women and Minority Committee, poses with the ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Advocacy on Behalf of Women, sponsored by the Women Chemists Committee (WCC)

L to R: Anna; Amber Hinkle (Chair, WCC); ACS President Elect Katie Hunt; Mary Carrol (Upstate New York with their 2 Awards)

Enlarge photo 33
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ChemLuminary Richland AnnaCavinato JanetBryant-PICT2139 Edit
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Enlarge photo 34
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ChemLuminaryCharacters PICT2136 Edit
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Enlarge photo 35
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ChemLuminary Dixon Hinkle Cavinato Bryant-RichlandAward-PICT2177 Edit
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Networking-PICT2130 Edit
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Networking-PICT2132 Edit
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