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Richland Section 2004
A pictoral archive of events and activities for the Richland Section of the American Chemical Society
Date(s): January - December 2004. Album by Janet Bryant. Photos by Bryant, unless noted. 1 - 23 of 23 Total. 20809 Visits.
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observer-photo Edit
Newspaper article (Nov 9, 2004) from the LaGrande, OR newspaper, the "Observer", about the event Girls in Science. Edit

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DSCN0437 Edit
Girls in Science: spectrophotometric analysis of different sun screens Edit

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DSCN0407 Edit
Girls in Science: students measure the caloric contents of different types of nuts Edit

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DSCN0431 Edit
Girls in Science: Eastern Oregon University faculty and students volunteer involved in the outreach event Edit

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DSCN0417 Edit
Girls in Science: students prepare sunscreen samples for analysis Edit

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DSCN0427 Edit
Girls in Science: reflecting on nutritional issues and self image -(girls assembled a poster about how women are portrayed in magazines) Edit

Enlarge photo 7
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DSCN0433 Edit
Girls in Science: participants present a poster about their findings on women images in magazines Edit

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DSCN0408 Edit
Girls in Science: students discuss volatile organic compounds present in cigarette smoke Edit

Enlarge photo 9
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008 5 Edit
Girls in Science: learning how to measure blood pressure Edit

Enlarge photo 10
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DSCN0440 Edit
Girls in Science: learning how to find the heart rate at rest

Girls in Science was a daylong science event for approximately 100 girls in grades 6-8 in Northeastern Oregon.  Hispanic and Native American students were targeted.  The activities ranged from sunscreens to cigarette smoke and emphasized the NCW theme of Health and Wellness

Enlarge photo 11
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EYH04 Edit
Expanding Your Horizons: Held annually at Wa State University, Tri-Cities campus, this event brings hundreds of middle school girls to learn about careers in math, science, and engineering.  In keeping with NCW's theme in 2004, Richland ACS members provide a hands-on session about food chemistry. Edit

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EYH1 Edit
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EYH2 Edit
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P4140018 Edit
Annual 50 Year Members Recognition Event provides a time for membership recognition and reflection. Edit

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P4140007 Edit
Annual 50 Year Members Recognition Event provides a time for membership recognition and reflection. Edit

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P4140008 Edit
Annual 50 Year Members Recognition Event provides a time for membership recognition and reflection. Edit

Enlarge photo 17
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Earthday Edit
Richland ACS members worked with the City of Richland to celebrate Earth Day. Edit

Enlarge photo 18
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ArborDayVolunteerGroup-all3 Edit
After 2003's successful "Chemis-TREE" event, the Richland ACS Section continues the celebration of Arbor Day with community members, the City Arborist, and students. Edit

Enlarge photo 19
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RedMaple1 Edit
This year the Richland Section donated a nice Red Maple tree to the parks in celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Day. Edit

Enlarge photo 20
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RedMaple2 Edit
another view of "our chemis-tree", this year a red maple. Edit

Enlarge photo 21
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Richland1LSAC Edit
Group pose after helping plant over a dozen trees and hearing City Aborist talk about the importance of trees to the environment.  He spoke specifically about the chemistry of trees and reduction of air pollution. Edit

Enlarge photo 22
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Richland3RecogWomen Edit
Karen Grant, 2003 Richland Chemist of the Year, works hands-on with students.  The award symposium in her honor was held in May 2004.  See http://www.pnl.gov/acs/newsletters/200409.pdf for additional photos. Edit

Enlarge PDF 23
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chemluminary9-04Rev1.pdf Edit
Mini-version of the Poster presented at the ChemLuminary Event at the Fall National ACS Meeting, Sept 2004, representing Richland Section Activities in 2003. Edit

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