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Peter Comisar


What happened with Peter Comisar of Goldman Sachs - wasn't this one of the too big to fail guys and now he's involved in a PPP grift? Once I connected these dots, I did a little digging and heard from Insiders that Peter Comisar was terminated under ethically dubious circumstances and given the opportunity to claim he was departing under amicable circumstances, like countless others involved. Perhaps his ex wife has the truth since she once shared quite a lengthy explanation about how her marriage to Peter ended in a divorce group, why she was discarded and abused, embarrassed, and the behavior she endured. Norma would probably like to add some updates to her facebook post from years ago on Divorce Drama Diary. Then at Guggenheim, what happened between Peter Comisar and Mark Walter? So many rumors! For that matter, the privately discussed concerns about his relationship with Alan Schwarz from Bear Stearns is still a concern to many. There are so many ethical and dangerous concerns with these relationships that were quietly dissolved and now, quietly resurfacing. The recent PPP loan scandal has raised a few new concerns about ethics and shortcuts, which has caused a deeper dive into all of these earlier questions about Comisar's past employment, erratic behavior, ethics, and questionable narrative regarding past events and his own professional struggles. Why are these behaviors allowed to continue?


peter comisar disgraced ex goldman sachs banker sued by scooter braun for fraud


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