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Erika D Hauer
1. Erika D Hauer 
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Captiva & Sanibel Island FL  w Adrienne
2. Captiva & Sanibel Island FL  w Adrienne  (8/27/19 - 09/02/19)
Captiva Island FL
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Bonneville Speed Week 08/12/19
3. Bonneville Speed Week 08/12/19 
Bonneville Speed Week on the Salt Flats outside Wendover UT.  GREAT fun but the racers got a LATE start due to wet conditions on the salt!
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Mark and Eric visit
4. Mark and Eric visit  (10/04/18 to 10/08/18)
Old friends Mark and his son Eric stop by for a Utah visit!
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Torir does Utah
5. Torir does Utah  (09/18-18 to 09/26/18)
My pilot friend Tor from Iceland finally visits us in Utah.  These are our adventures in Utah.

Riding... Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, Honda XR650L, Honda XR650R and Yamaha FJR1300 and Toyota Tacoma DCLB 4x4 Sport

Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons
Silver Lake & Silver Fork Lodge
Guardsman Pass
Albion Basin
Antelope Island
Fielding Garr Ranch
Oktoberfest at Snowbird
American Fork Canyon and Alpine Loop  around Mount Timpanogos - Cascade springs
Crossing wildfires in Utah
Onion Creek
Red Cliff Lodge
Moonflower Canyon
Kane Creek
Chicken Corners
Hurrah Pass
Deadhorse Park complete with dead horse head
Pucker Pass
Long Canyon
Ancient Indian Petroglyphs
Fossil shop
Blu Pig
La Sal Mountain loop
Oowah Lake
Quaking Aspens and fall colors
Black bears, Antelope, Bison, Mule Deer, skunks and wild turkeys!
Arches park
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Kyleen and Bryan
6. Kyleen and Bryan 
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Bonneville Speed Week 2018 08/15/18
7. Bonneville Speed Week 2018 08/15/18  (08/15/18)
What a great day on the Salt with the Africa Twin.  The racers and spectators are amazing at this event.  Congrats to Danny Thompson for breaking a land speed record at 448mph!
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Utah Wildflowers - Albion Basin
8. Utah Wildflowers - Albion Basin  (07/30/17)
Utah Wildflowers with Adrienne, Matt and Karen.  A beautiful hike up Albion Basin and a tram ride to Hidden Peak at Snowbird.
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Speed Week, Bonneville Salt Flats
9. Speed Week, Bonneville Salt Flats  (08/16/17)
Visited the legendary Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats!  FAST cars and bikes and amazing people.  This is a MUST see if you are in Utah when they are running on the Flats.
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Canyoneering the Subway in Southern Utah
10. Canyoneering the Subway in Southern Utah  (05/20/17)
Canyoneering the subway in Zion Park with Mike, Rachel, Brian, Kyleen, Adrienne and Pete!  GREAT fun!
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Tasmanian Mark Visit
11. Tasmanian Mark Visit  (06/29/17 to 07/02/17)
Tasmanian adventure rider and world traveler Mark Millwood comes for a visit.  We ride to Evanston Wyoming, Mirror Lake highway, Cottonwood Canyons, Guardsman pass, Albion Basin, Cecret lake.  What a great time and thanks for stopping by Mark.  May you have safe travels to Alaska!
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Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Beartooth MT
12. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Beartooth MT  (06/14/17 to 06/20/17)
Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Beartooth Pass MT, Chief Joseph Highway, Driggs Idaho, Jackson etc with Adrienne, Ted and the kids!
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13. Utah  (Every day)
I love it here.  
Nuff said.
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Utah 2
14. Utah 2  (2017 on)
Just too many pix in Utah 1 folder!
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Moab Utah - Thanksgiving 2016
15. Moab Utah - Thanksgiving 2016  (10/26/16)
Moab with Adrienne and Ziggy is always a great time!
Moab in the DCLB Tacoma 4x4
Hurrah Pass
Chicken Corners
Gemini Bridges
Dead Horse Point
La Sal Mountains
Moonflower Canyon
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