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2017.01.30 USS AZ Memorial
U of A Tucson has a USS AZ Battleship memorial on their mall, and a study room with an exhibit.
Date(s): 1/30/2017. Album by Patrick & Susan - Their Journeys. Photos by Perpetua's Crew. 1 - 10 of 10 Total. 398 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Enlarge photo 2
The outline of the ship is laid out across the mall extending to the other end of the field.

Enlarge photo 3
In the center there is the memorial for all the people lost that day on the USS Arizona.

Enlarge photo 4
Each medallion represents someone who dead that day.

Enlarge photo 5

Enlarge photo 6
This is what the memorial looks like from the side.

Enlarge photo 7

Enlarge photo 8
This is one of the actual ships bells from the USS Arizona. It's still rings with the clock.

Enlarge photo 9
A model of the ship in the study exhibit room.

Enlarge photo 10
Actual Anchor chain being in a fountain.

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