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Bicycling 152 Miles from Atlantic City
Ride Leader John Early with OHBTC Members Kevin Walker and Troy Ammons took the bus from Waldorf to Atlantic City. They rode their bikes on the Atlantic City boardwalk and continued down the Jersey Coast to Cape May, took the ferry across to Lewes, Delaware, and crossed the Delmarva Peninsular to Kent Island.
[...read trip report - only available to members of the OHBIKE Yahoo Group]

Date(s): September 22-24, 2005. Album by ohbike.org. Photos by John Early. 1 - 18 of 18 Total. 612 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
enlarge 83KB, 576x462
Kevin, Troy, and John at Hilton Plaza Casino Edit

Enlarge photo 2
enlarge 60KB, 576x461
Troy and Kevin, Irish Festival in Wildwood, NJ Edit

Enlarge photo 3
enlarge 52KB, 576x463
Kevin and Troy riding Boardwalk in Ventnor City, NJ Edit

Enlarge photo 4
enlarge 60KB, 576x461
Kevin Walker and Troy Ammons on Ventor City Boardwalk Edit

Enlarge photo 5
enlarge 59KB, 576x462
John and Troy on Boardwalk Edit

Enlarge photo 6
enlarge 71KB, 576x462
Kevin Walker and Troy Ammons,
Cape May City

Enlarge photo 7
enlarge 50KB, 576x461
Cape May City Edit

Enlarge photo 8
enlarge 67KB, 576x462
Cape May City Edit

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 54KB, 576x462
Kevin and Troy enter Ferry Terminal in NJ Edit

Enlarge photo 10
enlarge 43KB, 576x462
Truck pulls off Ferry Edit

Enlarge photo 11
enlarge 55KB, 576x462
Parked vehicles on Ferry Edit

Enlarge photo 12
enlarge 51KB, 576x462
Putting Bikes on Ferry Bike Rack Edit

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 54KB, 576x461
Vehicles loading on Ferry Edit

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 44KB, 576x462
Troy Ammons on Ferry Deck Edit

Enlarge photo 15
enlarge 46KB, 576x462
Kevin Walker on Ferry Deck Edit

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 61KB, 576x461
John and Troy at Ferry Terminal Edit

Enlarge photo 17
enlarge 60KB, 576x461
Kevin and Troy after Breakfast in Denton,MD Edit

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 61KB, 576x462
Troy, John and Kevin, On Cross Island Trail Edit

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