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2004 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

The Oxon Hill Bicycle and Trail Club appreciates the efforts of those members that lead rides and work at special club events. These volunteers were honored at the club's 2004 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Mexico Restaurant in Waldorf, MD, on November 20.

Road Captain John Hutson presented ride leader jerseys to new ride leaders and ride leader vests to the other ride leaders. Bill Jones reported on status of the design of the new club jersey and solicited comments on proposed designs. Randy Schoch had several give-away items from Bob McMaster's supply of bike parts.

Special recognition was given to founding member Dorothy Hodges, who is moving in December to Nebraska. The club gave her a watercolor painting of her Oxon Hill home done by club artist Peter Ulrich.
Date(s): November 20, 2004. Album by ohbike.org. Photos by Jim Hudnall. 1 - 15 of 15 Total. 5796 Visits.
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Prez Kevin greets OHBTC volunteers and their guests Edit

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Bill Jones discusses ideas for the new club jersey Edit

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OHBTC members look at ideas for the new club jersey Edit

Enlarge photo 8
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Tim and Walt pick out "prizes" from the give-away table Edit

Enlarge photo 9
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Diane chooses a racing cap Edit

Enlarge photo 10
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Ride leader vests are given to leaders who already have jerseys and who led several rides in 2004 Edit

Enlarge photo 11
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New ride leader John Early and Dan Hunt receive ride leader jerseys from Raod Captain John Hutson Edit

Enlarge photo 12
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Randy present a Pete Ulrich watercolor painting of the Hodge's home to Dorothy Edit
"Dorothy, thanks for your d..."
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Enlarge photo 13
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Malcolm and Dorothy listen to words of appreciation from club members Edit

Enlarge photo 14
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Dorothy beams with pride at her Pete Ulrich watercolor painting of her Oxon Hill home Edit

Enlarge photo 15
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Dorothy and Malcolm Edit

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Hello all, sorry for bothering, but I'm looking for DIANE WELSH, about 1962/63/maybe 1964, she lived in Oxon Hill, went to school in Europe... I was her classmate... Would love to hear from her!!! Anybody knows anything?
Betty, Thu, 8 Sep 2005 11:10AM
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