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Write essay fo English language

The essay is an important exercise in major business school competitions, so in this article I will give you some methodological tips to help you pass this test. I will focus here on Trial English, but you can of course apply these tips to other languages as well. For a more precise methodology of Q1 and Q2, you can refer to this article, which is dedicated to it . It will give you the keys to make them perfect.

Good to know.
To succeed in this exercise, you need to know two important things. On the one hand, you must have flawless English, with no grammatical or spelling errors. I did say "have flawless English" and not "complex or even exceptional English." The mistake many candidates make is that they want to convey their ideas flawlessly, even if they can't do it correctly. A good way to test your idea would be to look at myperfectwords review . So, this gives homework with definitely real content, but which gets a bad grade because it's not the most important content. You should only write on your copy that you have no doubts about the correctness of your grammar or spelling. An essay is an exercise in which form takes precedence over content. To improve your language, I advise you to read newspaper articles online every day. Don't spend too much time on grammar exercises (even if they are necessary for a solid foundation), because your brain will intuitively know if you are writing correctly when reading a lot of articles. When reading, feel free to choose idioms that you can reuse (you'll find lists in future articles, start without me).

Structure your essay
On the other hand, it is still necessary to keep things organized. To that end, I'll give you some helpful advice for each topic. Starting with the introduction, you outline your thesis statement, that is, your opinion on it. The essay is an exercise that requires a firm stance. Don't do it at the end; you must do it at the beginning! A 3-part development can be described in 4 words: yes, but, more than that. The first part "of course" is a small concession you are going to make about your thesis. The second part will present a strong argument (stronger than a small concession) in defense of your thesis. The last part is an additional argument that will defend your thesis and allow you to follow through. The conclusion is classic:

Here's an example of an English environmental test written using the bid4papers service that got 16/20 to illustrate this method.
Question: do you think recent international environmental policies can stop global warming? (written circa March 2017, original version)

"As new records for global temperatures are set each year, climate change has become a pressing issue for our century. Despite international commitments to end this phenomenon, I will demonstrate that such global initiatives are unlikely to succeed .

We can say that the COP 21 2015 conference in Paris was successful in a sense. At least fifty-five states, which account for at least fifty-five percent of greenhouse gas emissions, finally agreed to reduce their emissions in order to keep climate change below 2 degrees Celsius. Even the biggest polluters, China and the U.S., have ratified it, which gives hope to the global will to protect our environment.

But it does not say that countries will implement policies effective enough to guarantee this 2-degree increase. Moreover, the environment does not seem to be on the current agenda of developing countries or the political agenda of Western countries, even though it is one of the most serious problems of our time. People tend to have a short-term view of the problem, whereas they should anticipate what might affect future generations on earth.

Moreover, some people even deny the fact that human actions can affect climate change. Very few scientists are skeptical about the way humanity is gradually harming the environment. However, this does not prevent President-elect Donald Trump from having change deniers in his cabinet. If leaders do not believe in environmental solutions, the situation becomes critical.

After all, the current political situation allows only pessimism about climate change. World policy leaders, seduced by short-term profits, dare not bet on the fact that sustainable energy can provide a profitable return on investment.

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