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Bonny Highland Farm
Date(s): October 1, 2008. Album by Dinah Taylor. Photos by Dinah Taylor. 1 - 61 of 61 Total. 7159 Visits.
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You're an extremely helpful web site; could not make it without ya!
hell | http://0009.in/user/profile/2779, Thu, 2 Jan 2020 3:35AM
Hi, Dinah.  I arrived in this album from the Jewelry Ring.  It looks like lovely country where you live.  Thanks for sharing all the pictures - of everything!  Harry, your jewelry, your studio . . . it's wonderful to see it all and to feel your passion for it all.  Thanks again.  Enjoy your day!  Karen
Karen Haley | www.joyfulvintagejewelry.com, Tue, 25 Aug 2009 8:50PM
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Enlarge photo 1
enlarge 32KB, 640x480
Rt. 63 N in Batavia, just before the Oatka Milk Plant, my truck at 30mph and in 4wd, started skidding to the left-there was an 84 Lumber on the left with a chain link fence, a milk truck coming at me, a telephone pole, speed sign, and field to the right.

Enlarge photo 2
enlarge 35KB, 640x480
I turned in the direction of the skid to the left, it came back and I let it just drift into the field, hoping I didn't hit anyone or a sign or telephone pole.  It took about 3 minutes of sitting there wondering how I was going to get out of the field, as the traffic was quite heavy.  I took it out of high 4WD, and put it in Low 4WD and drove out, then went into the milk plant just ahead on the right and called work and told them I was not going to be coming into work.  LOL.  If it was that bad going to work at noon, then coming home at 5pm was going to be worse.  It took me 1 1/2 hours to get home, 4WD high and 30mph. One truck coming at me on 246 (my road), was crawling along and started to skid into my lane, and I was still having trouble just getting home.

Enlarge photo 3
enlarge 37KB, 640x480
Dec 15, 2013 been snowing since November 30th.

Enlarge photo 4
enlarge 41KB, 640x480

Enlarge photo 5
enlarge 25KB, 640x480

Enlarge photo 6
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Enlarge photo 7
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Enlarge photo 8
enlarge 88KB, 720x449
12x12 8' long beams from the barn on 4" patio pavers.  These are all trotting poles for Harry to help with rhythm, engagement and tempo.  He walks over them, and trots over them.

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 91KB, 640x536
This one is for coming back in after ride.

Enlarge photo 10
enlarge 62KB, 640x507
Back field-way out there, started getting holes and very hard, so I moved all the beams, one by one with the tractor and a chain and dragged them down closer to the arena.

Enlarge photo 11
enlarge 57KB, 720x431
Two beams, and one 9" round pole on a 20m circle.  These are all trotting poles for Harry.  These help with rhythm, engagement, and tempo, and the small rectangle in the front will be for a little ditch.  He loves doing this kind of thing.

Enlarge photo 12
enlarge 117KB, 640x577
Everything is staked with rebar hammered into the ground.  I can stand on them and they don't move.  They are all up off the ground about 4".

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 117KB, 555x640
Beam with rounded front.

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 45KB, 720x393
Trotting poles, four of them, then a little one 2 strides from that.  This helps with adjustability and transitions.

Enlarge photo 15
enlarge 82KB, 640x524
These poles are all 12' 4x4's on 4" pavers, until I get bolted 4x4's on them.  The first one is 10'.

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 111KB, 640x609
Coming home trotting pole.

Enlarge photo 17
enlarge 86KB, 640x476
Large Dressage Arena and for show jumping at my old farm in MD.  Little Stone Cottage Farm.

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 102KB, 640x469
Stone wall and table between trees

Enlarge photo 19
enlarge 77KB, 640x442
front field showing bank

Enlarge photo 20
enlarge 113KB, 640x505
finished ditch with tree limbs

Enlarge photo 21
enlarge 119KB, 640x443
smaller ditch begun

Enlarge photo 22
enlarge 105KB, 640x430
between trees fences of riddling racks and curved barrel staves in back field

Enlarge photo 23
enlarge 93KB, 640x476
small water jump with standards at end to add poles

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 87KB, 720x447
Bank Jump and canoe with rails over

Enlarge photo 25
enlarge 111KB, 640x519
3'3" coop and tires

Enlarge photo 26
enlarge 92KB, 640x436
bench jump

Enlarge photo 27
enlarge 79KB, 576x432
Early August Morning before storms

Enlarge photo 28
enlarge 49KB, 576x432

Enlarge photo 29
enlarge 54KB, 576x432
Calm before the storm

Enlarge photo 30
enlarge 69KB, 576x432
Dressage arena on left, standing at short side of large pasture.

Enlarge photo 31
enlarge 65KB, 576x432
Exercise field for Harry.  Posts and Beams from the old barn I brought out here to make a walk/trot/canter exercise area for Harry to have a break from the arena.  He loves to come out here and play.  These have all been moved to down towards the barn and arena area.

Enlarge photo 32
enlarge 56KB, 576x408
Everything is pretty small, it's not the height that is important, it's for engagement, rhythm, tempo at all three gaits, and fun.  Most of them are about 18" to 2', and the ditch is about 4' wide.

Enlarge photo 33
enlarge 64KB, 576x432
Another view.

Enlarge photo 34
enlarge 86KB, 576x432
the ditch.  He loves this.

Enlarge photo 35
enlarge 72KB, 576x432
my truck out in the field.  I had to bring out some of the rocks and rebar to stabilize the posts so they wouldn't move

Enlarge photo 36
enlarge 79KB, 576x432
The log is on a slope, so he has to lengthen or shorten his stride depending on the direction.

Enlarge photo 37
enlarge 95KB, 576x520
Just a series of extra pieces for him to walk over or trot over.

Enlarge photo 38
enlarge 47KB, 576x432
Dec. 7, 2008 Sunday.  Wind is 45mph and it's about 3 degrees out.  Facing North to my pasture.

Enlarge photo 39
enlarge 21KB, 576x365
Facing East.  Can't even see Geneseo-8 miles away.

Enlarge photo 40
enlarge 23KB, 576x398
Small barn-Harry is inside for the day.  I could barely get the door open.

Enlarge photo 41
enlarge 21KB, 576x411
Facing South.

Enlarge photo 42
enlarge 23KB, 576x364
South.  Trailer needs to be packed but not today.  All the poles and trees are permanently bent over because of the wind.

Enlarge photo 43
enlarge 67KB, 576x528
Facing West showing old barn almost dismantled.  Next year there won't be a wind break from those two buildings, so I'm sure it will be really fun.

Enlarge photo 44
enlarge 45KB, 576x432
Facing North.

Enlarge photo 45
enlarge 42KB, 576x353
Here is an extraordinary long load of 19 axles parked by the field at my farm.  These types of loads pass here because this particular stretch of road connecting roads from Canada to Interstate 390 are free from over passes,low hanging wires and congested areas.

Enlarge photo 46
enlarge 49KB, 576x444

Enlarge photo 47
enlarge 38KB, 576x410

Enlarge photo 48
enlarge 51KB, 576x470
Moving off after checking tires and chains. This load had 2 State Police escorts front and rear, and 3 Escort vehicles in front of those and behind.  This is a very heavy piece of machinery for the wind mills.  
I've always been fascinated with these wide/oversize/long loads.  I had my truck briefly with Daily, which is one of the oldest oversize hauling companies in NA.

Enlarge photo 49
enlarge 48KB, 576x430
Most horses would be freaking out with a 38 axle tractor trailer and 4 escort vehicles, lights blinking, right next to him.  These things are enormous!  I was just happy it didn't roll off down into the field.

Enlarge photo 50
enlarge 44KB, 576x432

Enlarge photo 51
enlarge 43KB, 576x351
Really concerned isn't he?

Enlarge photo 52
enlarge 45KB, 576x441
What truck?  I'm only interested in my grass.

Enlarge photo 53
enlarge 35KB, 576x330

Enlarge photo 54
enlarge 58KB, 576x483
Early this morning one of the wind turbine bases pulled over on my road next to the dressage arena.  They are required to take a break between 7-9am.

Enlarge photo 55
enlarge 55KB, 640x536
Oct. 2009 First time to ride in my new saddle.  Just in the field as the trucks whip by.

Enlarge photo 56
enlarge 59KB, 621x640

Enlarge photo 57
enlarge 65KB, 640x480
Taking a walk about with the new saddle, Oct. 2009

Enlarge photo 58
enlarge 77KB, 640x451
After 20 min, back to the barn.

Enlarge photo 59
enlarge 78KB, 640x565

Enlarge photo 60
enlarge 50KB, 576x432
sept. 15, 2008, the rainbow went the entire way, 180 degrees but I only had a tiny window to get my camera and grab some photos.

Enlarge photo 61
enlarge 51KB, 484x576
One of my favorites.  Carpe Diem.

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