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Planned Litters

SHOW Puppies, PERFORMANCE Puppies, COMPANION Puppies - Our Dogs Do It All


First Pick – Breeder Hold

2nd Pick – Breeder Hold 

3rd Pick – On Hold 

4th Pick – On Hold 

 5th Pick – On Hold 

Letty is a UKC Grand Champion and is AKC pointed. She is 14.5 inches tall and weighs about 17 pounds. Letty exudes personality and makes friends wherever she goes. She’s happy to show off her repertoire of tricks for the chance of a snack, but turn your back and she will snatch your seat! Letty believes she needs to be wherever the fun is. She’s the happiest co-pilot joining her mom on any adventure at the drop of the hat. She enjoys rolling in the sand, knocking on the kitchen window to be let inside, and rolling in fresh clean laundry. Letty has her AKC CGC and Trick Dog Novice title. She plans to resume Fast CAT and trick training after motherhood. She’s PLL carrier, PRCD clear, full dentition, cardiac auscultation normal, patellas normal. Letty’s album @ https://ImageEvent.com/myportfolio/ratterrierfemales/femalescoowned/grchraganratrideordieatjaermacgc 

Stetson is a UKC Champion and is AKC pointed. He has his BCAT (FastCat) title, working on his DCAT title. He stands 15 inches and weighs 20 pounds. He has a  sweet personality and a strong hunting prey drive. He is very athletic. Stetson’s sire is the 2015 National Best of Breed winner GCH CH MACH NBOB GRCH Raganrat's Quintessential Q CM CD RAE MXS MJS XF CGCA CGCU (aka “Q”). Dam is CH Raganrat Yamada Needa Xanax CA. Stetson’s Album @ https://ImageEvent.com/myportfolio/ratterriermales/prraganratlawandordereverytime 

Puppies due Christmas Day 2020.


Breeder reserves right of First Pick Show puppies from ANY litter.

Pets are sold with a Spay/Neuter agreement. Price $950. Deposit required. Show Puppies with breeding rights are sold on a Co-Own with Breeder. Price $1600. Deposit required. 

Email raganratters@yahoo.com and or contact us 865-856-0508.

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