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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at: BarbaraLJones@Hotmail.com
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Mexican Jewelry
1. Mexican Jewelry 
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2. Galalith  
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3. Remodel 
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4. German Nudes 
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5. Earrings 
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Mary Margaret
6. Mary Margaret 
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Neiger Czech Beads
7. Neiger Czech Beads 
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Bee Plants
8. Bee Plants 
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Natural Material
9. Natural Material 
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Wine Barrel Hive
10. Wine Barrel Hive 
(Please click on each photo if you wish to see a close-up). This was a swarm that found a home in one of my son's wine barrels (he makes wine barrel furniture). I brought them home from Calif the end of April. Today, approximately one month later, they were cut-out from the barrel and placed in a Langstroth's hive. I was beyond amazed at not only the number of bees in this swarm (basketball size +), but how fast they had started building up their colony.. We were able to cut out and fill 10 foundation-less frames, plus added another deep in order to house the number of bees from the colony. As you can see, they are very gentle California girls....Overall, it took about 4.5 hours to accomplish the job.
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11. Tahoe 
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12. Insects 
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Egyptian Revival
13. Egyptian Revival 
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14. Enamels 
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15. Flowers 
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Jeweled Accessories
16. Jeweled Accessories 
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Miriam Haskell
17. Miriam Haskell 
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Dress Clips
18. Dress Clips 
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Vieques Island & Puerto Rico
19. Vieques Island & Puerto Rico 
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Jablonec Museum
20. Jablonec Museum 
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Mourning Jewelry
21. Mourning Jewelry 
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22. Asian 
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23. Bakelite 
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Bee Stuff
24. Bee Stuff 
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Woodbury Ln; Flora & Fauna
25. Woodbury Ln; Flora & Fauna 
Rhododendons, Mushrooms & Pine trees on my property. Many are yet to be identified.
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JR: Fashion Album
26. JR: Fashion Album 
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French Champleve Enamel
27. French Champleve Enamel 
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Uranium Glass
28. Uranium Glass 
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Woodbury Lane House
29. Woodbury Lane House 
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2013 Oregon Fishing Trip
30. 2013 Oregon Fishing Trip 
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Fake Trifari
31. Fake Trifari 
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32. Patrice 
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Shawn's Flies
33. Shawn's Flies 
Photos of my son's fly-tying abilities.
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CJCI 2012
34. CJCI 2012 
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Carla Mancini
35. Carla Mancini 
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Artisan Jewelry
36. Artisan Jewelry 
Here is a sampling of several pieces I have created. I started metalsmithing about 8 years ago after many years admiring the fabrication of vintage costume jewelry and taking a class in jewelry design and construction at my local college. I've always loved rocks so creating jewelry around some of my favorite pieces came naturally. Presently I sell (or give away), my pieces to family and friends. I have some great designs in my head, it's just finding more time to work in my shop.
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37. Beads 
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38. Thermoset/Thermoplastic 
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39. Repairs 
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Metals & Gemstones
40. Metals & Gemstones 
This is a sampling of some of the items I've created using copper, brass & silver. Here you can see some of my favorite gemstones which I plan to incorporate into pieces of jewelry sometime in the future. I also included some photos of my workspace, before and after, which includes the larger shop area.
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My Finest Things
41. My Finest Things  (September 24, 2009)
Juliana Jewelry !!!
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WTB/SCS (Set Completion Syndrome)
42. WTB/SCS (Set Completion Syndrome) 
MISSING PIECES..I strive to complete parures and these photos represent items that are missing their partners. Any/all help is appreciated.
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43. Family 
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Weekend Finds
44. Weekend Finds 
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Jewelry Ring RFI's/COW
45. Jewelry Ring RFI's/COW 
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Those Fabulous Purses!
46. Those Fabulous Purses!  (October 8, 2009)
These include my favorite microbeaded purses.. Some are from the very early 1800's, through the Art Deco period. Some are made of celluloid, some are leather, and some are mesh purses. All are georgeous!
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Vintage Jewelry/Compacts/Etc.
47. Vintage Jewelry/Compacts/Etc.  (October 8, 2009)
These are some of my favorites such as Miriam Haskell, both signed, unsigned, and yet to be determined. You will also find other  favorites, also signed and unsigned. I just love them all!!!!
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