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 Mr. Okrasa 

                Vintage Aircooled Volkswagen and Porsche 2pc. Pre-A 356 Engine Specialist

Original Volkswagen KDF / Kubelwagen / Schwimwagen / 25hp-36hp Shortblock / Longblock 

Complete Turn-key Engines.

Specialty Performance: Okrasa 36hp-40hp / Denzel 36hp

SOLEX 32mm/40mm PBJ-PBIC-PICB Carburetor Restoration /Rebuilding

Splitcase Transmission Restoration / Rebuilding: "Full Crash" - Non Synchro. 1st.

Show/Concour Quality Engine and Transmission Assembly & Detail

All shortblock / longblock / turn-key engines are custom built to order for your specific

application by me with over 45+ years experience dedicated to all VW aircooled engines

pre 1960 and Porsche 356 Pre-A 2pc. case engines pre 1955.

Joe Ruiz aka "Mr. Okrasa" / Ph. (714) 926-7004

Email: mrokrasa@earthlink.net

P.O. Box 3574 Newport Beach, Califa. 92659 U.S.A.

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Okrasa 40hp Engines!
1. Okrasa 40hp Engines! 
Here are some photos of 40hp Okrasa engines that I have built.   Enjoy!  :-)
6 Images
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Flat-4's 36hp Okrasa Engine
2. Flat-4's 36hp Okrasa Engine 
This 36hp Okrasa engine belongs to Japans, Flat-4.
10 Images
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NOS 36hp Okrasa Eng. Kit
3. NOS 36hp Okrasa Eng. Kit 
15 Images
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Karmann Ghia / Okrasa - Judson - 36hp
4. Karmann Ghia / Okrasa - Judson - 36hp 
These are photos of various types of stock, Okrasa and Judson engines installed in Karmann Ghia's.
11 Images
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Okrasa - Denzel - Judson - Misc Engines!
5. Okrasa - Denzel - Judson - Misc Engines! 
This is a collection of engine photos I had taken from various sources and times.  For your viewing enjoyment!  Joe :-)
36 Images
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VW 25hp Engines
6. VW 25hp Engines 
Here is a collection of photos of various 25hp VW engines I have built.
15 Images
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Judson Superchargers: kits, cars, etc.
7. Judson Superchargers: kits, cars, etc. 
Various photos of a complete, restored 36hp Judson Supercharger kit, cars, etc....
31 Images
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Dave O.  36hp Okrasa Engine
8. Dave O.  36hp Okrasa Engine 
These are photos of Daves 36hp Okrasa engine in my garage before delivery to West Coast Classic Restorations in Fullerton, CA.  This engine is destined to go into Daves 1953 Split Window Sunroof Beetle to debut at Kelly Park, San Jose, CA., 4-7-2002.
17 Images
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1954 36hp Longblk. / Rest / Reb. & Misc.
9. 1954 36hp Longblk. / Rest / Reb. & Misc. 
This 1954 longblock engine was put together for a customers Karmann Cabriolet Beetle.
13 Images
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Greg Noble's '55 Bus Okrasa Engine Build
10. Greg Noble's '55 Bus Okrasa Engine Build 
51 Images
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