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Pressure Cap
My WC-53 Carryall is using a Power Wagon radiator.  I decided I wanted to run a 12-14 psi pressure system with the Cummins.  I had the radiator re-cored, the inlet and outlet were changed to the same size as the in/out on the Cummins.   Now I was faced with the problem of how to hide a standard radiator pressure cap.  I had two available options; run the fill neck out the top of the radiator shell and just have a pressure cap exposed, or make the original Cap in the radiator shell a dummy and have the real fill under the hood.  I did not like either of the options and came up with a way to have the radiator fill come through the radiator shell and still look Stock.

It's a very simple modification.  The entire modification can easily be done in the evening after dinner.

1. When you have the radiator shop change the fill neck to a pressure style, you      must stress    that it has to be exactly the same length as the original fill neck.  You want the stick out of the neck exactly the same as stock.

2. Have your radiator shop supply you with a 12-14 psi Radiator Pressure Cap

3. Picture #1.   The original Radiator Cap is a 3 piece assembly (not counting the gasket)  There is a the outter shell and an inner shell with the locking ears and a round disk under the rolled down  area.   Notice in the center is a hole surrounded by a rolled down area.  You must grind off the rolled down area and the two halfs of the Radiator Cap will separate.  You may have to carefully pry some if they are rusted.  You can throw away the disk and the inner shell with the  locking ears.  Cut off and grind smooth the center stud you just removed the rolled end from.  The only piece you want is the outter original shell.

4. Now clean up the outter shell to remove all rust and paint to match your radiator shell.

5. You will now need a small amount of  Epoxy and Hardner.  Use a high quality solvent to remove all grease and oil from the inside of the Original Radiator Cap Shell and the outside of the new Pressure Cap.

6. Picture #2.  Put a generous coating of Epoxy on the top of the Pressure Cap and about 1/8" deep on the inside of the Original Shell.  Put the top of the Pressure Cap into the original shell and press it down, center it well and fill all round the pressure cap with epoxy.  Bring it up almost to the edge of the lip on the pressure cap.  Make sure the pressure cap is centered and everything is level.   Now let cure for 24 hours.

7. Picture #3.  You now have a Pressure Cap,  inside the original Shell.  Its there   forever,  The cap on my Carryall has been in place for over 2 years and a little over 5000  miles, you can see in Picture #2 (taken today 12/30/05) it looks like new.
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