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Hydroboost Brakes for Carryall and PW
When I built my Carryall, I used a Hydroboost Brake system, supplied by Hydratech.  At that time, they were truly a market driven company, supplying a quality product at a reasonable price.  Its sad to say, but I no longer feel that applies.  In fact, its impossible to even talk with the company any longer, you must go thru dealers.  In building my M37, I found that the dealers were not able to answer my questions, and the prices were out of sight.

I set out to find the components to assemble my own hydroboost system, using traditional truck parts, off shelf, and available at any NAPA and GM/Chevy Dealer.
I was able to cut the price almost in 1/4 and still have exactly the same product.

The following hydroboost will work with Power Wagon FFPW's, WC and M37.

All parts are used on 1991 Chevy V3500 trucks;

Master Cylinder 1 & 5/16" bore    NAPA  39435    $47.88
Hydroboost Unit    NAPA 52-7307        $178.00

You will need to buy the push rod, 2 springs and a baffle from a GM/Chevy Dealer
Push Rod 377397
Spring P155581525
Spring 471736
Baffle  360859

Total Cost for the GM/Chevy parts $49.00

Complete cost for a Hydroboost system using the above parts $274.88

You can have custom made hydraulic hoses made at NAPA

You will need to cut the hydroboost push rod shorter and cut new 3/8" threads.  Fabricate
a mount for the hydroboost to fire wall.  You can now screw the hydroboost push rod into Helitool Suspended Pedals

Bleeding the air can be tricky.  FIll your power Steering pump reservoir almost to overflowing.  With the front wheels jacked up off the ground, and engine not running, crank the steering wheel lock to lock a few times.  Refill the Power Steering pump reservoir again to almost overflow.  Then Start the engine and IMMEDIATELY shut her off.  I mean IMMEDIATELY, as soon as the engine starts shut her down.  Refill the power steering pump to almost overflow.  Repeat, start engine, immediately shut her down.  Refill reservoir.  Continue doing this until the level in the reservoir does not go down.

Then start the engine and run the wheels to one side lock, shut down the engine and refill the reservoir.....this time to its normal level.  Start the engine and rotate the steering wheel to the other side lock.  Refill reservoir to its normal level.  Then start the engine and run the wheels back and forth lock to lock, shut down and check the level, refill if needed to its normal level.  Keep doing this until the level does not go down.  Thats it, you have the air out of the system.  After sitting overnight, check her one more time as microscopic air will come out of the system and the level may go down a little.

Enjoy your Hydroboost Brakes.
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Enlarge photo 1
Space Problem, there is .7500" between the Aftercooler and the Master Cylinder

Enlarge photo 2
Another view of MC space  constaints when mounting a Cummins 4BTA in a WC-53 or Power Wagon

Enlarge photo 3
Space problems as viewed from the right side

Enlarge photo 4
Space Problems, there is no way a standard Vacuum Power Booster could be mounted

Enlarge photo 5
Suspended Pedal Assembly as supplied by Helitool  (on the web at www.uglytruckling.com )  The High Quality of Helitool, and the High Quality of Hydroboost was a excellent marriage in my Carryall

Enlarge photo 6
Hydroboost mounted to Helitool Suspended Pedals as viewed from the front of Carryall. You can see the Hydroboost and the MC do not extend past the side of the Helitool Mount Plate

Enlarge photo 7
Hydroboost Unit can be mounted in any clock angle position.  The final unit as installed in my Carryall has the Nitrogen Accumlator at 1 oclock

Enlarge photo 8
Side view showing my required custom 8 degree up tilt to clear injection pump

Enlarge photo 9
Right hand view

Enlarge photo 10
Helitool Brake Pedal Pivot point is a simple screw on to the Hydroboost push rod.  Its also adjustable in its throw

Enlarge photo 11
Anotehr view of the Helitool Brake Push Rod pivot point married to the Hydroboost push rod

Enlarge photo 12
Billet adapter to allow 90 degree rotation of Master Cylinder

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