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American Hairless Terrier Males
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1. Prada and Pudge 
0 Visits, 0 Images, Shared Album
2. KVK's Turn Dem Brown Eyes Icy Blue 
We call him Nemo!!

Nemo was born to us Sept 30, 2017
This handsome boy is gonna make his Mama proud, Please join us in watching him grow.
This boy has grown into a handsome adult male. Very proud of him
He has had hip and spine xrays, everything is normal.
423 Visits, 5 Images, Shared Album
3. AKC Gr CH KVK's Brown Eyed Handsome Man 
Chocolate and White

AKC/UKC Registered
564 Visits, 7 Images, Shared Album
4. KVK'S BUFFETTS NEXT PAIGE  (July 20, 2017)
Harley is a beautiful Chocolate and White Piebald.  Super sweet disposition. Looking forward to getting him in the show ring!
283 Visits, 2 Images, Shared Album
5. ELITE-CHI JOSE  (June 1, 2017)
This handsome fella is maturing nicely! Chocolate with white. Thank you Sharon Siwek for working with us!!
268 Visits, 4 Images, Shared Album
6. KVK's Back Again Mr Bro Jangles 
UKC Champion, AKA "Brody"

Brody was born and raised right here at KVK.
We couldn't be more pleased with the way he has matured.

2512 Visits, 14 Images, Shared Album
7. KVK's Let the Games Begin 

AKC/UKC Registered

Chocolate and White with Tan.  Born 9/20/2014   PLL Carrier

Outgoing and inquisitive.  This handsome little guy is the first one to check everything out.

Diego earned his UKC Champion title Sept 9,2015 in Perry Ga!

UKC Champion Bur Way MI3 Trey

KVK's Reminis'n Mocha Lane

616 Visits, 23 Images, Shared Album
8. Pyxis Double Oh Seven 

AKC/UKC Registered

Handsome Chocolate and White
336 Visits, 4 Images, Shared Album
9. CH Sundial KVK South of the Border 
Better known as "PERK"

AKC/UKC Registered

Born 11/24/2014  Chocolate and White Piebald.

Many Thanks to Joyce Appel for entrusting us with this handsome lad!  Join us in watching him grow into all those wrinkles!!

Perk earned his UKC Champion title Sept 9,2015 in Perry Ga!

Perk has settled in with his new family, being a pampered baby boy! Thank you Amanda and Caleb
1668 Visits, 12 Images, Shared Album
10. Wager 
VHK's Double or Nothin
Wager is owned and loved by Nicole Langman.  
How fortunate for us that he lives close enough to borrow every now and then.
Thanks Nicole!

1556 Visits, 4 Images, Shared Album

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