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Standard Rat Terrier Females

We have focused our efforts to find and preserve the original old traits & characteristics with original verifiable pedigree of the amazing Giant Rat Terrier. Giant Rat Terriers are not simply large Rat Terriers! We have sought out lines from old breeders all over the USA. We have produced some excellent females for the giant Rat Terrier breed and hope to for many years to come. I take a great deal of pride in producing top quality examples of this amazing dog. Our family enjoys the stewardship of the large Giant Rat Terrier and hope to see them flourish and prosper for many years to come.

Over 90% of a puppies temperament comes directly from its mothers rearing, without a rock solid dam you have nothing. I am quite critical of all females used because we strive for an all around versatile dog with high intelligence and die hard loyalty.

***Here at Seegmiller Kennel we strive for an erect ear, 25-30# weights on females and 16-18 inch at the shoulder height, we breed for AKC standards.

Type A body structure with good rear angulation,beautiful fronts & hard top line and nice tight cat paw. I like to see a female with a somewhat broader skull and a wedge down to a nicely squared off muzzle. The overall appearance of a sleek and muscled hunting machine, with a fine short hair coat. I will not breed chocolates, blues, merles into the line as I am a traditionalist and desire the original look. I believe we have succeeded in this quite nicely and I also look forward to the future with bright optimism.


***THESE FEMALES ARE NOT FOR SALE*** **All Females are Tattoo**

~ of the 400 breeds of dogs alive today all have decended out of just 5 female wolves in East Asia.


♥ Welcome to Our Giant Rat Terrier Females Albums! ♥

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Seegmillers Out Of Darkness
1. Seegmillers Out Of Darkness  (Nessie)
Nessie is a powerfully built female, I love her presence. She reminds me of her grandmother and her grace and movement are truly stellar.  Nessie is a tri color Black/White/Tan Irish marked girl. I expect 16 inches 28 pounds. I adore her super tight coat and beautiful structure.

PLL Clear
Health checks when age appropriate
Breeder K Seegmiller
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Seegmillers A Place In The Sun
2. Seegmillers A Place In The Sun  (Dasie)
A bright & sharply marked girl, she has the drive I love to make a stellar hunter! Dasie is 15 inches 24 pounds, erect ear she has a short tight coat.  I like her persistence when out in the field she is constantly trying to go back to places and re hunt them.

PLL Clear
PRA Clear
DM Clear
Breeder Seegmiller Farm
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Seegmillers Enlighten Me
3. Seegmillers Enlighten Me  (Emma)
The combination of truly great dogs, results in truly great offspring!

Emma is 15 inches & 21 pounds, a stunning piebald girl with tight cosmetic coat of flashy piebald coloration! I see the dogs of old come to life in her again. Erect ear, scissors bite, great conformation. Her love and devotion is what I most like very very sweet but just enough grit to be a superb hunter like her dam.

PLL Clear
Breeder Seegmiller Farm
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Seegmillers Sentella Legend
4. Seegmillers Sentella Legend  (Tyna)
"Tyyyynahhh" Tyna girl how regal with such a grace she is absolutely all business but sweet with her people.  Tyna is a gorgeous deeply rich tri color of the blackest black and dark red trim...all that crisp white just to set it off.

15 inches, 24 pounds

Heart/Patella Normal per practitioner
Breeder Seegmiller Farm
Owners Kimberly Seegmiller
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GCH Seegmillers Direction To Perfection
5. GCH Seegmillers Direction To Perfection  (Killer)
Killer, as she killed my shoes, my pants & my ankles. What a holy terror she is!  This girl is a black/white/tan Irish marked girl.  Erect ear set, super tight cosmetic coat and rich sharp colors.

I expect her to be 15 inches and 23 pounds.

Killer is now a GRCH in the AKC.  At just 11 months and is ranked in the top 20.

Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
PLL Clear
Tail and Dew Claws docked
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CH IB Seegmillers Little Black Dress
6. CH IB Seegmillers Little Black Dress  (Pepper)
This little firecracker is just a gorgeous bitch.  We are proud of her and have high hopes for Pepper in the AKC show ring.  I love her frame and correctness she is just built superb! We are expecting 15 inches and 22 pounds.  

Pll Clear by parentage
Breeder K Seegmiller D Baker
AKC Registered
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GRCH Seegmillers Stars On The River
7. GRCH Seegmillers Stars On The River  (NOVA)
Nova chose me, she really did! I love her no nonsense attitude and pure love of all that is outdoors! Nova is a tri color should be 16 inches and 25 pounds.  She has a nice tight cosmetic coat and a really expressive face with pert ear set.


AKC Registered
Tattoo and Micro Chipped
Breeder Seegmiller Farm
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Seegmillers Top Shelf
8. Seegmillers Top Shelf  (Ember)
Anthem's daughter, a gorgeous black/tan/white tuxedo. We adore this baby girl and she is the future! Erect ear, super slick short tight hair coat. Her form is truly breathtaking and she moves like a dream.

I expect 15 inches tall 23 to 25 pounds.

Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
Tail docked, dew claws removed
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CH Seegmillers Romancing The Dark (Roma)
9. CH Seegmillers Romancing The Dark (Roma) 
Roma is exceptional in form, temperament and health!  We love this girl so much she is an outstanding representation of the Rat Terrier breed! Her fine tight coat just shines like a diamond!  Her movement is fluid and full of grace!  

Bred by The Seegmillers for the future of our kennel.  Bred for type and bone, cut muscle definition and hunt!  We adore our Roma!

Dec 2015 6.5 months old
WB/BOW Eukanuba pre shows
WB     Eukanuba Pre Shows

Heart and Patella normal
Micro Chipped and Tattoo
Breeder Seegmiller Kennel
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Seegmillers All That Is Red (Jj)
10. Seegmillers All That Is Red (Jj) 
Our Jj or J for short! She is just a fire engine red as her grandmama Tommacina! We are so excited for her future!! Red Sable and White Irish markings.  Super tight hair coat with amazing conformation.

PLL Clear
Heart and Patella are normal
Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
DATAMARS Micro Chipped DNA Tattoo
AKC Registered
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GRCH Seegmillers Dark Anthem  BIMBS  AOM
11. GRCH Seegmillers Dark Anthem  BIMBS  AOM 
International CH Am Gch U NBOB Gch Seegmillers Dark Anthem is truly a stunning girl!!! She is quirky, funny and extremely loving in nature.  She is 15" tall and 23 pounds with a beautiful sleek musculature.  I absolutely love her head piece and ear set!  Her coat is blackest black and looks almost sprayed on, its that tight and glossy.  

Premier June 2012
Anthem WINS ARTA Rat Terrier Specialty PUPPY CLASS @ 15 weeks old
Gateway October 2012
Anthem 8 months old Wins 5 times against stiff competition and becomes a new UKC CHAMPION!
Peoria IL 2013
Wins BOB Group 2 J Davidson UKC JUDGE
Wins BOB Group 2 D Allen UKC JUDGE
Wins BOB Group 2 J Allen UKC JUDGE
Wins BOB Group 1 B Lauer UKC JUDGE
Wins BOB Group 1 B Trammel UKC JUDGE
Wins BOB Group 2 F Trammel UKC JUDGE
Wins BOB Group 2 R Klatt UKC JUDGE
Wins BOB Group 1 and BIMBS!!!!! B Lauer UKC JUDGE
5/4/13 BOB Grp 2 JDavidson
5/4/13 BOB Grp 2 SDavidson
5/5/13 BOB Grp 3 S Melgreem
5/5/13 BOB GRP 1 and BIMBS!!!!!
6/15/13 AOM C Rodriguez
7/2013 BOB Group 2, RBIMBS show 8 multiple Group #1 too many to list UKC show. #3 Top Ten UKC Rat Terriers

8/2013 AKC BOB GREELEY CO over 14 other Rat Terriers.
10/2013 GATEWAY NATIONALS TAKES 4 BOB and a GRP 1 And 2 GRP 3's and went up for BEST IN SHOW!!!


2014 NATIONAL BEST OF BREED ARTA nationals Westfield MA per Honorable judge Valarie Pilz!!!!! NBOB BISS GRCH SEEGMILLERS DARK ANTHEM!!!!


03/07/2013 Heart and Patella GOOD filed with OFA

Breeder Kim Seegmiller
Tail Docked/Dew Claws Removed
Micro Chipped and Tattoo
UKC/AKC registered
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CH Seegmillers Dark Halo
12. CH Seegmillers Dark Halo  (September 16, 2014)
Halo is a gorgeous tri colored piebald! she is 15.5" and 24 pounds, she has a super erect ear set and short slick hair coat.  I love her looks and she is sure to be a stunner when fully mature!

Breeder Kimberly Seegmiller
Tail docked Dew Claws removed
PLL PRA Clear by parentage
AKC and UKC registered
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