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Rebel Legion
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San Francisco - May the 4th be with you
1. San Francisco - May the 4th be with you  (4/17/13)
Photos taken at various San Francisco Land Marks for May the 4th "Star Wars Day"
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Timothy Zahn "Scoundrels" Signing
2. Timothy Zahn "Scoundrels" Signing  (January 10, 2013)
501st and Rebel Legion appear at Books Inc in Mountain View with Star Wars author Timothy Zahn.
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LDAC Preschool Graduation
3. LDAC Preschool Graduation  (June 8, 2012)
Rebel Legion members help the Lucasfilm Preschoolers celebrate their graduation.
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Marin County Fair 2011
4. Marin County Fair 2011  (July 1 2011)
501st Golden Gate Garrison and Rebel Legion Endor Base
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Oakland Holiday Parade
5. Oakland Holiday Parade  (12-2-11)
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Ep I 3D Emeryville
6. Ep I 3D Emeryville  (2-11-12)
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WonderCon 2011
7. WonderCon 2011  (April 1 - 3, 2011)
WonderCon San Francisco
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Savage Opress Clone Wars Screening
8. Savage Opress Clone Wars Screening  (Dec 10, 2010)
Clone Wars screening at Lucasfilm Letterman Digital Arts Center.
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San Jose Holiday Parade 2010
9. San Jose Holiday Parade 2010  (December 5th, 2010)
The Rebel Legion marched as guests of the Golden Gate Garrison in the San Jose Holiday Parade.
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Modesto Light Parade
10. Modesto Light Parade  (Dec 4th- 2010)
Rebel Legion, 501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, friends and family participate in the Star Wars "Star Warriors" entry in the Modesto Light parade.
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Clone Wars Season 3 Premiere
11. Clone Wars Season 3 Premiere 
Boys and Girls Club visits Lucasfilm at the Presidio to watch the Premiere of the Clone Wars. Many of the voice actors were on hand to meet the kids and do interviews with the press. Even George Lucas and his son Jet were in attendance!
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Build A Bear Star Wars Launch
12. Build A Bear Star Wars Launch  (September 25, 2010)
Santa Clara, Valley Fair Mall.

Build A Bear launch of the new Original Trilogy 'Star Wars' Bear and Original Trilogy costumes (Han, Leia, and C3PO)
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Zeum - Sunday
13. Zeum - Sunday  (Sept 12, 2010)
Clone Wars weekend at the Zeum in San Francisco
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San Diego Comic-Con 2010
14. San Diego Comic-Con 2010 
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Star Wars in Concert - Fresno
15. Star Wars in Concert - Fresno  (June 17, 2010)
Rebel Legion and 501st volunteer for Star Wars in Concert at the Save Mart Center.
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