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3d bim modeling services

BIM concept

Application of the concept of information simulation (BIM) allows the implementation of building new production standards and management, namely the introduction of the concept integrated implementation of the construction project (IPD - Integrated Project Delivery), formulated American Institute of Architects (AIA). The concept of IPD requires the full use of knowledge and the abilities of all actors involved in construction and investment process in each of its stages, in order to optimize the effects.

Advantages of using BIM:

- reduction of design terms;

- reduction of project implementation costs;

- increase productivity through ease of obtaining information;

- improvement of processes of coordination of construction documentation;

- availability of specific information about manufacturers of materials,

- quantitative characteristics for evaluation and conducting tenders.


Although the creation of BIM-models allows to achieve different goals, the direction and complexity of which may depend on the level of detail and the amount of information embedded in the model, certainly the most common way to use BIM-models is the visualization of design objects. Our 3D modeling BIM-services https://karnoenergy.com/bim-services/ allows you high quality 3D-visualized models. Execution of visualizations allows to compare and choose the best design decisions and in the best way to present the project to the customer or various confirming bodies.


Is one of the types of model representation in Autodesk Revit. Any change in the model leads to an automatic change in the specification and vice versa. It is possible to associatively divide the specification tables, as well as use elements such as formulas and filters in the project.

Statement of materials

The statement of materials allows to calculate quantitative indicators in detail. This function is indispensable for determining the cost of materials. The accuracy and relevance of information about the materials is ensured throughout the project cycle.

Working together

The collaboration technology used in Autodesk Revit https://www.autodesk.com/bim-360/ enables all team members to access the building model at the same time, and also provides tools for virtually dividing the model into separate parts with the ability to configure sharing of different parts of the project.

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