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Hello and welcome to my albums..I hope you will enjoy sharing them with me. Albums/photos and videos are updated regularly.
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Our Garden Visitors 2019
1. Our Garden Visitors 2019  (2019)


This album will be an ongoing endeavour throughout the summer and fall. It will contain photos and descriptions of the various species of birds that are coming to our feeders. The descriptions included here are screen captured, with permission, by/ from the Merlin Bird ID app published by the Cornell Lab. Link can be found on bottom of home page. Many thanks to Cornell and Merlin. .

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Towbe's Adventures plus  2019
2. Towbe's Adventures plus  2019  (2019)


UPDATED:- April 19th 2019. .  This album will contain photos and videos of Towbe the Chihuahua's adventures & funtimes plus some of this and that. The first new photo is # 84. Looking forward to sharing with you again this year. If you would like to know when this album is updated please send your name and email address to me through the link on the bottom of this page. Thank-you.

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3. Graphics  (2018)
UPDATED: - Dec. 7th I have just added, to the first of the album, 19 pieces that are all Christmas and done using Cross Stitch World.  They include the 12 days of Christmas if you wish to download it. I have taken the block right click option off for a few days so you can download if you wish to share.  
I have another new app named Low Poly - Coloring Art Book . It is much like creating a jig saw puzzle with shapes.
Really nice app.
Next Graphics created using Artbook - Colour by number and then

Merry Christmas to all..
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Bills Presentation
4. Bills Presentation  (Nov 18, 2014)
Our son Bill and Dave Keon Jr. are presented and congratulated at the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey game for 25 years of dedicated service to the National Hockey League.
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Adventures saved
5. Adventures saved  (June July 2017)
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