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Syracuse Archaeology Museum
Date(s): 1/10/15. Album by Jonathan Mendel. Photos by Jonathan Mendel. 1 - 21 of 21 Total. 139 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
DSC 3511
Pre-historic dwarf elephants

Enlarge photo 2
DSC 3514
Bronze age pots from Castlluccio

Enlarge photo 3
DSC 3521
Tomb panel, necropolis of Castelluccio

Enlarge photo 4
DSC 3524
A selection of vases, necropolis and urban area of Thapsos

Enlarge photo 5
DSC 3526
A selection of vases, necropolis and urban area of Thapsos

Enlarge photo 6
DSC 3527
Vases from the "royal" tomb of Pantalica

Enlarge photo 7
DSC 3531
Funerary statue of a kouros, with Ionic influences. On the right leg, incised vertically and read from top down, an inscription in the Megarian alphabet identifies the statue as the doctor Sombrotida, son of Mandrokle.
Cycladic marble, from Naxos. 550 BCE

Enlarge photo 8
DSC 3539
Megara Hyblaea, west necropolis. Statue pf a mother goddess breast feeding two twins (Kourotrophos). Locally made, limestone from Melilli. 550 BCE

Enlarge photo 9
DSC 3540
Megara Hyblaea - west necopolis. Sign confusingly said: "Terracotta so-called 'David', representing a standing female figure."

Enlarge photo 10
DSC 3546
Well of Artemis: terracotta bust of the type belonging to the cult of Demeter and Kore. Beginning IV century BCE

Enlarge photo 11
DSC 3548
Bronze horse in the Corinthian late geometric period with local adaptions. From Tomb of a young boy at Cavallari Excavations, Necropolis of Fusco (Syracuse), late 8th c. BC (ca 710 BCE)

Enlarge photo 12
DSC 3551

Enlarge photo 13
DSC 3553

Enlarge photo 14
DSC 3556
terracotta plaque with a Gorgon holding Pegasus, the winged horse, who according to myth, was born from the blood of the Gorgon. The holes for nails indicate that the plaque was hung on a wooden support; it may have been a metope for a small protoarchaic building in the sanctuary.  End of the 7th century BCE.

Enlarge photo 15
DSC 3559

Enlarge photo 16
DSC 3566
Grammichele - votive deposit from Madonna del Piano. Terracotta statue of enthroned female divinity. Sicilian Greek manufacture. End 6th c BCE

Enlarge photo 17
DSC 3567
Bronze statuette of an athlete, known as "Mendolito Ephebe". The pose shows the clear influence of the sculpture Pthagoras of Reggio.  ca 460 BCE

Enlarge photo 18
DSC 3573

Enlarge photo 19
DSC 3574
Ancient coins
Top row: circa 510 - 500 BCE
Bottom row: circa 490 - 480 BCE

Enlarge photo 20
DSC 3585

Enlarge photo 21
DSC 3589
Attic red figure pelike, signed by the painter Polygnotus, Gela.
This side of the vase shows a Greek warrior with a sword, shield and spear with attendant defending himself from an attack by an Amazon on horseback.
The vase may have served as the ossuary jar for a cremation burial. 430 BCE.

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