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2019 Memphis NABC
Bridge players at the 2019 Spring NABC in Memphis
Date(s): March 21-31, 2019. Album by Jonathan Steinberg. Photos by Jonathan Steinberg. 1 - 20 of 85 Total. 0 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Diane Dillman, Prizes & Bob Williams, Jr, Memphis NABC Tournament Chair

Enlarge photo 2
Joe Jones, ACBL Executive Director & Chip Dombrowski, Daily Bulletin Editor

Enlarge photo 3
The 2019 Freshman Class on the ACBL Board of Directors: Brian Ellis (D.5); Julie Smith (D.19); Mike Kovacich (D.7); Bob Bertoni (D. 25); Warren Smith (D. 15)

Enlarge photo 4
Susie Cordell, ACBL Director of Information Technology & Joe Jones, ACBL Executive Director

Enlarge photo 5
Memphis Welcomes the ACBL

Enlarge photo 6
ACBL President Russ Jones presents the Vanderbilt trophy to Captain Jeffrey Wolfson (front, center). Alexander Hyde, Peter Crouch, Mike Kamil, Mike Becker, Steve Garner

Enlarge photo 7
Tony Leibowitz, Tor Eivind Grude, Espen Erichsen, & Christian Bakke won the Jacoby Swiss

Enlarge photo 8
Peter Crouch, Alexander Hyde, Jeffrey Wolfson, Mike Becker, Mike Kamil & Steve Garner moments after winning the Vannderbilt

Enlarge photo 9
Tom Hanlon, John Carroll, Nick L'Ecuyer, Paul Street, Frederic Volcker (not shown: Thomas Bessis), 2nd, Jacoby Swiss

Enlarge photo 10
Nick Nickell, Coach Eric Kokish, Ralph Katz, Steve Weinstein, Jeff Meckstroth, Bobby Levin & Eric Rodwell, 2nd Vanderbilt

Enlarge photo 11
Marc Dahl & Richard Oshlag won the Silodor Open Pairs

Enlarge photo 12
Marin Marinov & David Yang won the NABC Fast Pairs by just 0.50 of a matchpoint!

Enlarge photo 13
Bob Zeller (with Greg Bright) won the Lebhar Imp Pairs

Enlarge photo 14
Matthew Weingarten & Jeff Edelstein won the North American Pairs A

Enlarge photo 15
MarK Dahl & Richard Oshlag won the NABC Fast Open Pairs (for a few minutes) before a late scoring correction dropped them to 2nd, 0.50 matchpoints behind the winners!

Enlarge photo 16
Barry Rigal & Glenn Milgrim won the Platinum Pairs (at least for a few minutes)

Enlarge photo 17
2019 ACBL Hall of Fame inductees: Bart Bramley & Peter Boyd

Enlarge photo 18
Richard Oshlag is all smiles (Won Silodor Open Pairs; 2nd NABC Fast Pairs, 257 masterpoints)

Enlarge photo 19
Robert Cappelli & Bob Bitterman won the 2nd Sunday Fast Pairs

Enlarge photo 20
Barry Rigal & Glenn Milgrim dropped to 2nd in the Platinum Pairs after an appeal ruling (not at their table)

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