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2019 Las Vegas NABC
Bridge players at the Las Vegas NABC, The Strip, good eats and more! EXCLUSIVE: Photos from the Las Vegas home of Mega Superstars Sylvia Shi & Daniel Korbel. Warning: some photos not for the squeamish! Counter for tumblr
Date(s): July 18-28, 2019. Album by Jonathan Steinberg. Photos by Jonathan Steinberg. 1 - 20 of 153 Total. 6896 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Liz Hamilton, Las Vegas Tournament Chair, & Rolf Houtkooper, Partnerships

Enlarge photo 2
Melody Euler, Assistant Director-In-Charge, Las Vegas NABC

Enlarge photo 3
Jan Sulervdt, Leila Huff (Welcome Desk), Barbara Dunkley (Prizes), Justine Hancock (Restaurant Guide), Toby McEvoy, Daryl Sulervdt, Chris Hann (Treasurer)

Enlarge photo 4
Nancy Watkins & Charlie MacCracken, ACBL Tournament Directors

Enlarge photo 5
Joe Jones, ACBL Executive Director, & Jonathan Steinberg, Volunteer Consultant

Enlarge photo 6
Michael Roche & John Carruthers won the 2018 Von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs

Enlarge photo 7
Bob Bitterman & Mark Bendure won the Wernher Open Pairs

Enlarge photo 8
Veri Kiljan, Christina Madsen, Migry Zur Campanile & Thomas Paske won Freeman Mixed BAM

Enlarge photo 9
Kamel Fergani & Fred Pollack, 2nd Wernher Open Pairs; 10th Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs

Enlarge photo 10
Sondra Schubiner & Linda Wynston won the 2018 Wagar Women's Pairs

Enlarge photo 11
Sylvia Shi, 6th Freeman Mixed BAM; 7th Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs; 11th Wagar Women's Pairs; 2nd Sunday A/X/Y Swiss (170 masterpoints)

Enlarge photo 12
Ken Murray (won 2nd Thurs Daylight A/X Pairs with Doug Andrews) & Saleh Fetouh

Enlarge photo 13
Alex Hudson & Jonathan Steinberg, 15th Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs; Won Tuesday Open Pairs & Thursday Compact KO (1)

Enlarge photo 14
Kevin Dwyer, Joyce Hill & Shan Huang, 9th Roth Open Swiss; 9/16th Spingold

Enlarge photo 15
Daniel Korbel, well deserved rest after winning GNT Morehead Championship; 5th Roth Open Swiss Teams; 17/32 Spingold (213 masterpoints)

Enlarge photo 16
C├ędric Lorenzini won Thurs. A/X/Y Swiss; 4th Roth Open Swiss; 8th Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs

Enlarge photo 17
Harrison Luba & Finn Kolesnik, both 15, qualified to play Day 3 of the Von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs

Enlarge photo 18
Christophe Grosset, 11th Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs; 17/32 Spingold

Enlarge photo 19
Albena-Maria Vassileva & Harrison Luba, 2nd Natl Youth Swiss Teams

Enlarge photo 20
Bob Hamman, 9/16th Spingold

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