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2018 Philadelphia NABC
Bridge players, friends & VIPs at the Philadelphia NABC. Bonus: The Philadelphia 14 stars of the past, raw dog bar and more. Enjoy!
Date(s): March 8 - 18, 2018. Album by Jonathan Steinberg. Photos by Jonathan Steinberg. 1 - 20 of 130 Total. 10697 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Bobby & Jill Levin. A reasonable week for Bobby & Stevie W. winning the Platinum Pairs; 2nd in Vanderbilt. 380 masterpoints leaving Zach Grossack in 3rd place with a mere 349 points!

Enlarge photo 2
Zachary & Adam Grossack won the NAP. Zach was also 3rd Silodor Open; 3rd Jacoby Swiss; 9th Platinum Pairs; 10th Rockwell Mixed; won 349.33 points for the week. WOW!

Enlarge photo 3
Richard Chan won the Silver Ribbon Pairs (with Michael Heymann, first time partnership) and will join the ranks of Canadian Grand Life Masters!

Enlarge photo 4
Zach & Adam Grossack at dinner prior to the final session of the NAP. I told them my photos bring good luck!

Enlarge photo 5
Peter Crouch & Simon Cope (London, England) won the Silodor Open Pairs

Enlarge photo 6
Jacek "Pepsi" Pszczola won the Jacoby Open Swiss & Joyce Hill

Enlarge photo 7
Sheila Gabay & Pat McDevitt won the Rockwell Mixed Pairs (Pat was 3rd in the Silver Ribbon with Rich DeMartino)

Enlarge photo 8
Jacob Freeman, Martin Zhao, Coach Eric Kokish, Albena Vassileva & Olivia Laufer, all proud Canadians!

Enlarge photo 9
Sheila Cesarano, Janice Seamon-Molson & Life Master Women's Pairs winner Fiona Brown (with Sally Brock)

Enlarge photo 10
Bob Morris & Linda Lewis (Linda won the Sunday Flight A Swiss)

Enlarge photo 11
Kent Mignocchi & Joel Wooldridge, 2nd NAP A; won Sunday Open Pairs. Kent was also 4th NABC Fast Pairs

Enlarge photo 12
Christophe Grosset & Quentin Robert,  2nd Thurs/Fri KO (2); 3rd 0-10K Swiss

Enlarge photo 13
The legendary Rhoda Walsh (12 NABC wins & six Runners-Ups 1968-2005) & the inimitable Barbara Sonsini

Enlarge photo 14
Richard Potter & Hugh Brown Jr won the Tuesday Open Pairs

Enlarge photo 15
Alex Hudson & Daniel Korbel, bridge stars under 40!

Enlarge photo 16
ACBL CEO Bahar Gidwani

Enlarge photo 17
Jordan Kaye, Julie Arbit & Jonathan Fleischmann won the Monday Compact KO (3)

Enlarge photo 18
Kimberly Whipple, ACBL President & District 9 Board member, Jay Whipple III, ACBL Director of Field Operations, Gary Blevins

Enlarge photo 19
Martin Zhao & Jacob Freeman won the Sat-Mon AM KO

Enlarge photo 20
Doug Grove and former ACBL CEO Robert Hartman (is he returning?)

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