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2018 Hawaii NABC
Bridge players, Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Entertainment, Food to fit every budget, beach dogs and more!
Date(s): November 21 - December 2, 2018. Album by Jonathan Steinberg. Photos by Jonathan Steinberg. 1 - 20 of 200 Total. 6380 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
17th floor Embassy Suites with city and partial ocean views. 6:30 AM first morning jet lag!

Enlarge photo 2
17th floor Embassy Suites with city and partial ocean views. 6:30 AM first morning jet lag!

Enlarge photo 3
One hour later... ocean view

Enlarge photo 4
One hour later... city view

Enlarge photo 5
17th floor Embassy Suites views. Note the iconic Hilton Rainbow Tower

Enlarge photo 6
Christmas tree at the Royal Hawaiian

Enlarge photo 7
Thanksgiving performers

Enlarge photo 8
17th floor Embassy Suites views

Enlarge photo 9
"The wind blows, coconut fronds sway, Koali blossoms dance on the plain"

Enlarge photo 10
I chatted with the friendly striker. The strike by Sheraton workers in Hawaii ended on a positive note as did a 9 week strike at the San Francisco Marriott (2019 Fall NABC)

Enlarge photo 11
Joe Grue & his sidekick Brad Moss won the Mitchell Open BAM; 4th Reisinger BAM; Joe also won the Kaplan Blue Ribbon (Brad was 9th), 422 masterpoints to top the Winners List!

Enlarge photo 12
David Grainger & Greg Hinze won the Bobby Nail Open Pairs; 21st Kaplan Blue Ribbon

Enlarge photo 13
Magnus Eriksson, Mikael & Ola Rimstedt (2nd Mitchell Open BAM; 6th Kaplan Blue Ribbon; 7th North American Swiss), Ann Rimstedt

Enlarge photo 14
Joyce Hill & Kevin Dwyer; 2nd North American Swiss; 7th Mitchel Open BAM

Enlarge photo 15
Simon Hult & Simon Ekenberg, 2nd Educational Foundation KO (1); 15th Mitchell Open BAM

Enlarge photo 16
The legendary Benito Garozzo won the Educational Foundation KO; First Sunday A/X/Y Swiss & Mon/Tues KO (1)

Enlarge photo 17
Rozanne Pollack & Cheri Bjerkan won the Marsha May Sternberg BAM

Enlarge photo 18
Alex Hudson, Mark Lair & Jonathan Steinberg won the Sunday A/X/Y Swiss (Jon & Alex: 36th Nail Life Master Pairs; 3rd, Thursday Open Pairs)

Enlarge photo 19
Baptiste Combescure (15th, Nail Life Master Pairs) & Haig Tchamitch (5th NABC Mixed Swiss; 22nd Blue Ribbon)

Enlarge photo 20
Ola Rimstedt & his brother Mikael won the 2018 Orlando World Open Pairs!

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