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2017 Toronto NABC
Bridge players raved about the Toronto NABC. Never have I seen so many happy faces! Bonus: Sweety, Scooter & Peaches! Counter for tumblr
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Date(s): July 20-30, 2017. Album by Jonathan Steinberg. Photos by Jonathan Steinberg. 1 - 20 of 148 Total. 26586 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Boye Brogeland, Brian Platnick, John Diamond & Espen Lindqvist celebrate their amazing last board victory.  Spingold Trophy being presented by ACBL President Bob Heller

Enlarge photo 2
Bill Pettis, Beth Palmer,
Ai-Tai Lo & Bill Cole won the Roth Open Swiss Teams

Enlarge photo 3
Henry Caspar, Terry Richardson, Doug
Barnes, Debbie Feldman, Chris Cowan & John McWhinnie won the 0-6K Mini-Spingold

Enlarge photo 4
Greg Hinze, David Grainger, Eddie Wold, Mike Passell, Chris Compton & (not shown - Mike Levine), 2nd Roth Open Swiss; 9/16th Spingold

Enlarge photo 5
Boye Brogeland, Brian Platnick, John Diamond & Espen Lindqvist won the Spingold. Trophy being presented by ACBL President Bob Heller

Enlarge photo 6
Anam Tebha & Sylvia Shi (Sylvia won the first Sunday Open Pairs; 3/4th GNT Championship flight; 3rd Wagar Women's Pairs; most impressively 3/4 in the Sunday & 2nd Thurs Zip KO! 173 masterpoints, an average week for the unstoppable Sylvia!

Enlarge photo 7
Paul Barden, Graham Osborne, Bob Bell & Lou Reich won second Sat-Sun KO (1) defeating Hudson & Steinberg!

Enlarge photo 8
Joel Wooldridge won the Von Zedtwitz LM Open Pairs & the Wernher Open Pairs (380 masterpoints)

Enlarge photo 9
Ray Miller, Kim Eng, Jeff Ford & Eric Sieg won second Sat-Sun KO (2)

Enlarge photo 10
Mustafa Cem Tokay, Adolpho Madala, Giovanni Donati, Robin Fellus. Mustafa & Giovanni won first Sat/Sun KO; 9/16th Spingold; 16th Roth Open Swiss. 155 masterpoints.

Enlarge photo 11
Bahar Gidwani & Chandi Jayawardena

Enlarge photo 12
Ina Demme, Toronto NABC Tournament Chair, Bill Kertes, Linda Lord

Enlarge photo 13
ACBL CEO Bahar Gidwani

Enlarge photo 14
Lorna Johnson, Volunteer

Enlarge photo 15
Jonathan Steinberg & Bahar Gidwani

Enlarge photo 16
Andy Risman, Volunteer

Enlarge photo 17
Bo Han Zhu & Jacob Freeman, 10th Young 0-2500 pairs

Enlarge photo 18
Charlotte St. Amant, Jackie Syer, Lyn Stevens, Volunteers

Enlarge photo 19
Martin Zhao & Jacob Freeman, two of Toronto's future bridge stars!

Enlarge photo 20
Flo Belford & Ron Banyai

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