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Best Love Sgayari

Urdu poetry  and Hindi Poets most use phrases like chand / moon , flower etc for beauty and if you say a girl like chand of phool it means its height of khubsurti ki tarif.

Tarif shairy is not only for lovers but husband wife , ofice workers and others can also praise each other through these by sms messages

Tareef Shayari is really important for lovers because they think their boyfriend or girlfriend is the most cute person in the world to themm them they need tarif shayri or poetry. Love Shayari  are the most common way to tell girls that they are most beautiful


Tarif Karen Kya Aapki Alfaz Nahi Milte
Aap Jaise Chaman Ke Phool Baar Baar Nahi Milte

Chand se hasen hai chandni,
Chaandni se hasen hai raat,
Raat se hasen hai zindgi,
Aur woh zindagi hain aap…!


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