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Event Photography
All photographs are available for printing, see order form link below.  
Photographs are copyrighted by JNevitt Productions, you may use any image by contacting Jack Nevitt by email for permission.
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Madi the Dog
1. Madi the Dog  (11/11/19)
Madi the dog.  David Bauer Family
10 Images
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Soccer Games
2. Soccer Games   (Oct 2019)
Gabby and Ellie soccer games
12 Images
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Blessing the Animals at Ashby Ponds
3. Blessing the Animals at Ashby Ponds  (10/3/19)
Blessing the animals at the gazebo of Fisherman's Pond.
20 Images
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Girls Soccer Sep 29, 2019
4. Girls Soccer Sep 29, 2019  (9/29/19)
Gabby's soccer team
18 Images
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Honor Flight to DC
5. Honor Flight to DC  (9/7/19)
Ashby Ponds' Veterans on Honor Flight to DC monuments.
77 Images
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An Elegant Evening at Ashby Ponds
6. An Elegant Evening at Ashby Ponds  (8/28/19)
Concert and reception at Ashby Ponds Retirement Community, in Ashburn, Va.
55 Images
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Luray Caverns
7. Luray Caverns  (8/7/19)
Trip to Luray Caverns with Carole and Ellie.
103 Images
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Diversity Fashion Show
8. Diversity Fashion Show  (8/2/19)
Ashby Ponds' Diversity Fashion Show
45 Images
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International Dance Show
9. International Dance Show  (8/1/19)
Ashby Ponds' International Dance Show 2019
22 Images
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AP Fishing Tournament
10. AP Fishing Tournament  (6/15/19)
Annual Father's Day Fishing Tournament at Ashby Ponds, Va
18 Images
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Goose Management
11. Goose Management  (6/11/19)
Relocating geese from our pond.
10 Images
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Harmonia School of Music and Art
12. Harmonia School of Music and Art  (April 6 and 9, 2019)
Children perform the play Annie.
49 Images
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HMS Pinafore
13. HMS Pinafore  (11/1/18)
Dress rehearsal for the play
69 Images
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AP Halloween Show
14. AP Halloween Show  (Oct 31, 2018)
Staff perform for Halloween 2018
38 Images
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Soccer Photos Oct
15. Soccer Photos Oct  (10/20/18)
Gabby and Ellie's soccer games
39 Images
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Dolly Sods WV
16. Dolly Sods WV  (9/28 - 10/12018)
Sunrise at Dolly Sods
4 Images
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Rehoboth Beach
17. Rehoboth Beach  (9/19 - 9/222018)
Photos from Rehoboth Beach and Bombay Hook NWR.
22 Images
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Soccer Photos
18. Soccer Photos   (9/22/18)
Ellie and Gabby Soccer photos
30 Images
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Easter 2018
19. Easter 2018  (4/1/18)
Easter at Kim and Jamie's House
Falls Church, Va.
15 Images
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Tom Miller Funeral
20. Tom Miller Funeral  (3/6/18)
Col Tom Miller funeral at Arlington National Cemetery
75 Images
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New Mexico
21. New Mexico  (2014)
Scenes from around New Mexico.
52 Images
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