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Event Photography
All photographs are available for printing, see order form link below.  
Photographs are copyrighted by JNevitt Productions, you may use any image by contacting Jack Nevitt by email for permission.
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Christmas 2022
1. Christmas 2022  (12/25/22)
Christmas with Jason, Katie, Sam and Shelby.
Vienna, Va.
39 Images
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Santa Photos
2. Santa Photos  (12/3/22)
Santa visits Ashby Ponds, Ashburn, Va.
68 Images
Gallery Album
Ashby Ponds Cards
3. Ashby Ponds Cards  (10/31/22)
Photos for potential cards to be used by the sales dept.
38 Images
Gallery Album
Chobe River Images and Video
4. Chobe River Images and Video  (Sep 17-24, 2022)
Pangolin Photo Safaris
35 Images
Gallery Album
Drift Away
5. Drift Away 
Runaway boat rescue
10 Images
Gallery Album
Bad Animals
6. Bad Animals  (9-3-22)
Bad Animals a Heart Tribute band.
22 Images
Gallery Album
Great Falls Paddlers
7. Great Falls Paddlers  (8/13/22)
Kayak racing on the Potomac River at Great Falls.
32 Images
Gallery Album
Commanders Training Camp 2022
8. Commanders Training Camp 2022  (8/5/22)
First day open to public, Ashburn, Va.
30 Images
Gallery Album
AP Senior Prom 2022
9. AP Senior Prom 2022  (6/2/22)
Senior Prom at Farmwell Hall at Ashby Ponds
44 Images
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Christmas at Jason and Katie's
10. Christmas at Jason and Katie's  (12/25/21)
Christmas at Jason's house
12 Images
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Santa Portraits
11. Santa Portraits  (12/4/21)
Santa portraits at Ashby Ponds.
64 Images
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Shelby 2nd birthday
12. Shelby 2nd birthday  (11/7/21)
Shelby's birthday party with family and friends.
57 Images
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Guys and Dolls
13. Guys and Dolls  (11/2/21)
Guys and Dolls Dress Rehearsal
133 Images
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Girls Soccer
14. Girls Soccer  (Oct 16-17, 2021)
Ellie and Gabby Soccer
39 Images
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Ellie Performance 2021
15. Ellie Performance 2021 
Ellie at Harmonia Theatre School, Vienna, Va
19 Images
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Ellie Soccer
16. Ellie Soccer  (10/17/20)
Ellie soccer game/practice
8 Images
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Madi the Dog
17. Madi the Dog  (11/11/19)
Madi the dog.  David Bauer Family
10 Images
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Soccer Games
18. Soccer Games   (Oct 2019)
Gabby and Ellie soccer games
12 Images
Gallery Album
Blessing the Animals at Ashby Ponds
19. Blessing the Animals at Ashby Ponds  (10/3/19)
Blessing the animals at the gazebo of Fisherman's Pond.
20 Images
Gallery Album
Girls Soccer Sep 29, 2019
20. Girls Soccer Sep 29, 2019  (9/29/19)
Gabby's soccer team
18 Images
Gallery Album
Honor Flight to DC
21. Honor Flight to DC  (9/7/19)
Ashby Ponds' Veterans on Honor Flight to DC monuments.
77 Images
Gallery Album
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