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8 Golden Rules When Renting a Self-Drivi

You are planning a trip with family or friends and want to be more proactive and save money on your journey by renting a self-driving car, but you have no experience. Self-drive car rental? Here are 8 useful tips to remember when renting a self-driving car.

1. What is the purpose of renting a car?

Determining the purpose of renting a car is often very few people pay attention to, but if you determine the need in advance, it will determine the car selection criteria such as car rental term, car color, price, car type,... This also helps you be more proactive in comparing and evaluating service providers to make an accurate final decision.

You can find useful information on Car Rental Tips and Tricks or websites that help you rent a car online at Onlinerentaly.com

2. Choose a service package and book a car early

Usually, the service provider will offer 2 packages for you to choose from car rental by kilometers and rental by the day. For the need to rent a self-driving car to travel packages by km, if you come to a new land, you will encounter some road problems such as getting lost, and it is easy to fall into the situation that the number of kilometers is exceeded. contract rate. In contrast to the daily service package, you not only do not worry about it at all, but you can go wherever you want as long as the car is delivered on time.

If the time when you rent a self-driving car is on holidays, New Year holidays, and holidays during the year, then there is only one best solution to avoid the risk of running out of cars, having a car but not wanting it, or worse, having a car. slashed because I had to rent a car in a hurry to keep up with my plan. Not to mention that on weekdays it is also possible to not be able to rent a car because the demand for self-driving car rental is increasing day by day to serve the needs of traveling, visiting distant relatives, weddings, etc.

3. Check the car carefully before renting

The first thing to do in the process of checking the car before renting is to observe the car's exterior first, a small tip is that you often ask the car wash service provider, you do not regret too much money for this. At this point, you will have a relatively accurate overview of the exterior condition of the car, possibly at some self-driving car rental facilities that come with a car wash.

Please take the time to look carefully for dents, scratches on the tires, wheel rims, taillights, mirrors, headlights, check the spare tires, and some accompanying accessories if any. Any relevant signs, please specify with the car owner and then record those details in the agreement, it is a safe way to help you not lose money unfairly after returning the car because of the rental service provider. the car will check and catch your error.

4. Bind the problem of damage in the middle of the road when renting a self-driving car

This is probably something that many people worry about because if they accidentally get into this trouble, they will not only interrupt the trip but also incur repair fees, for example. The origin of this damage mainly comes from machines and this is a very complicated job that requires you to be a person who is constantly in contact with vehicles or people in the profession.

However, now, because the demand for self-driving car rental services is increasingly popular, customers can use them to have more benefits. Specifically, self-driving car renters can add to the car rental contract a clause about which party will be responsible for the fees incurred due to the car being damaged midway through the rental process.

5. Test drive to check the car's operation

Before deciding to rent a car, it is best to drive 1 to 2 laps yourself to feel the smoothness of the steering wheel, the durability of the engine as well as make sure that important parts such as horns, lights, etc., the brake system is still working fine. The test drive not only helps you choose a good car when renting but also ensures the safety of your whole trip.

6. Bring necessary documents when renting a car

Next, after selecting and inspecting the vehicle, you need to prepare documents and procedures including:

● Identity card

● Driving license

● Collateral (cash or motorbike)

You must make sure to pay the car owner by an alternative means (maybe the motorbike has a value of money at current prices) or in cash via a commitment letter if one of the above documents is not available.

7. Take pictures of the car's condition before renting

This is an experience worth paying attention to for those who need to rent a self-driving car, a thorough inspection is a must, but to be more careful, take a photo of all documents and rental contracts. vehicle as well as the condition of the vehicle. Because this will be evidence to help you avoid unnecessary litigation after returning the car.

8. Consult someone with experience

Consult an experienced person when, is when you suddenly have a collision on the way and have to compensate, you should ask an experienced person for advice, so you will not encounter a situation. argumentative or over-demanding but will instead help you solve problems more easily.

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