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The Painted Heart
Welcome to The Painted Heart ~ Home of the ORIGINAL hand painted and enameled heart charms by award winning artist, Kim Marie.

Inspired by the simple rose paintings of the 40's guilloche enameled heart charms, Kim began painting and enameling her own heart charms in 2005. Her exquisite detailed paintings soon featured blue birds, Victorian angels, hummingbirds, robins, bunnies and pet portraits.

Since that time there have been many 'copycat crafters' painting heart charms in similar themes. Quoting what others have commented: "The difference between you and the other people who are selling their own painted hearts is that theirs are just painted hearts, yours are real works of art.  You are making jewelry, not just putting pictures on hearts.  There is just a huge difference.  It's more than just the quality of the art work." and "You can quickly spot a Kim Marie piece, signed or not" end quote.

Often imitated but never duplicated, Kim Marie's miniature masterpieces continue to reign unsurpassed. Each heart charm is carefully hand painted one brush stroke at a time, then permanently sealed with many layers of a beautiful glass like finish that will last for generations.  

Ever evolving, this trend setting, innovative artist is currently creating beautiful painted porcelain heart charms as well as silver soldered glass hearts featuring fine quality prints of Kim's original miniature paintings.

To view more of Kim's work, please visit her website at: www.thepaintedheart.com
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