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The Grumpets are a very small limited edition of only 25 worldwide! They are premium Lumicast resin reproductions of original one of a kind art dolls, hand sculpted by award winning artist, Kim Marie.  

Incredibly lifelike but not lifesize, Mr. and Mrs. Grumpet measure ONLY 14"!!! Grumpy but whimsically lovable, they feature hand painted resin heads, arms, legs and boots attached to a posable soft body. All costumes and accessories are completely designed and handmade by the artist.    

Mr. and Mrs. Grumpet are available together for 300.00 or 150.00 seperately. Additional outfits and accessories are available. Please contact the artist for more info: kim@thepaintedheart.com
The Grumpets were featured in the Oct. 2004 issue of 'Doll' magazine.
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