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Tribute To Ian Knapp
A pictorial tribute to the Knappster who died tragically on 06 December 2007 doing what he loved best in his favourite canyon.
Album by Julie Burton. Photos by Julie Burton. 1 - 1 of 1 Total. 4828 Visits.
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1946 - 2007

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Dear Ian,

A bit late to make a tribute but better late than never. Will never forget my introduction to canyoning via your good self,  Jim,  Joy, Dave, Wendy, Lyn and many others. Your passion for this sport was catchy. Every time I couldn't believe 'I'm going to do what!!' and abseil off 'that blooming very very high cliff' you were there to egg me on and show that even 'scaredy cats' can do amazing and wild things. To this day, I enjoy tramping but nothing beat tramping on a canyon trip with the Knappsters.

Thank you for encouraging me to be brave, play it safe, not stand for any bollocks and showing me that you are never too old to be adventurous.

You were a very clever man, hospitable, always one with a cheeky 'naughty' joke, amazing friend and family man. You are missed. So glad you were in our lives even if for some of us, it was a short while.

Love Rebecca
Rebecca Connolly, Fri, 8 Jan 2016 6:35PM
Ian will always be remembered for his selfless efforts in teaching me and others numerous safety techniques whilst canyoning and abseiling.

Everything Ian did over the years I knew him, he did for the benefit of others.  My life is all the better for having known Ian personally, and for having the honour to be able to call him a very good friend of mine.  Those are the lasting memories which will forever stay with me.
Lachlan MacDonald, Mon, 10 Dec 2007 2:38AM
So long Ian,

Heaps of thanks for all your help and advise, jokes and good humor !

Your'e ahead of the rest of now mate. I guess that means your on belay !
Wit Cieslik, Sun, 9 Dec 2007 6:40PM