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Alushta Ukraine
Santa Cruz City Band in Alushta Ukraine, May 2008
Date(s): May 2008. 1 - 14 of 14 Total. Shared
Welcome to Alushta
1. Welcome to Alushta 
Our welcome to Alusta, our neighborhood, overviews of Alushta
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Our host kids
2. Our host kids 
Our host kids from the music school
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Making music
3. Making music 
There were 2 concerts during the week (and 2 rehearsals). First was various Music School ensembles joined by S.C. Band. Later S.C. Band had our own concert.
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Around Alushta Part 1
4. Around Alushta Part 1 
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Museum, officials, school
5. Museum, officials, school  (Monday, May 12)
A long Monday morning: Alushta museum, meeting with town officials, visit to a comprehensive school
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Wine tasting 1 (after church)
6. Wine tasting 1 (after church)  (Monday, May 12)
Moday afternoon found us on a very small bus up the coast. First stop was a church dedicated to lost mariners. Then onto a wine museum where we tasted lots (and lots) of wine.
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7. Yalta  (Tuesday, May 13)
Today we went down the coast to Yalta. First visit was Livadia Palace, then into Yalta for lunch.
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Valley of the Ghosts
8. Valley of the Ghosts  (Thursday, May 15)
Horseback riding in the Valley of the Ghosts
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Friendship evening
9. Friendship evening  (Thursday, May 15)
"Evening of Friendship" - a party in the music school courtyard.
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Wine tasting 2, Massandra
10. Wine tasting 2, Massandra  (Friday, May 16)
Our second wine tasting event was at Massandra winery, just outside Alushta. Shelley and Rick took a scenic sunset walk afterwards.
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Soviet resort
11. Soviet resort 
This unfinished Soviet resort hotel offered interesting exploration and spectacular views.
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Around Alushta Part 2
12. Around Alushta Part 2 
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Rotary farewell dinner
13. Rotary farewell dinner 
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Farewell Alushta!
14. Farewell Alushta! 
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