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Founded in 2002 by resident Paul Mattes, the HP Drama Club is one of our most active clubs. We perform at least two productions each year in our beautiful Heritage Pines Performing Arts Center in Hudson, Florida with audiences averaging between 200-300 per performance. Each production is typically performed over one weekend on Friday and Saturday nights, with a matinée on Sunday afternoon.

We enthusiastically welcome new residents that want to try their hand at theater. With a membership that includes several professional actors, and many with a vast community theater background, new actors will have plenty of coaching and support as needed and can work their way up to leading roles quickly. We are always looking for back stage and off stage assistants who simply want to participate and socialize. If you are interested in theater, we have a place for you!

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1. A CRAZY LITTLE CHRISTMAS  (Postponed Due To Covid)
Mike and Betty have moved far out into the country and her family is coming for just one night to see the house and exchange presents.  But mother nature has other ideas and a blizzard moves in to lock them inside for up to 3 weeks!  One of the ever-squabbling sisters sneaks into the basement and finds something shocking.  That's when the fun begins! Craziest Christmas ever!
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2. MURDER ON THE GRILLE  (November 22-24, 2019)
A Murder Mystery!  Who stuffed Tom "The Turkey" Dooley? It's grilling and smoking with a "twist & shout" as you go back in time.  The 50's Rock 'N Roll, Hula Hoops, Poodle Skirts, Black Leather Jackets and Hot Rods set the scene!
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3. A PIECE OF MY HEART  (April 4-7, 2019)
Women who served in Vietnam were never given a return home. In fact, no record was ever kept as to how many women served in Vietnam.  So, this TRUE story helps to say thank you to all the women who served our country.
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A church drama group is trying to produce a nativity play. It encounters typical problems of director egos, actors who don't like their parts and missing props. The play starts TODAY! how will they get this to come together
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5. TWELVE ANGRY JURORS  (Mar. 31, Apr. 1-2, 2017)
This dramatic play was first produced fifteen years ago by our Drama Club and was the first one we ever performed.  It is an excellent example of human nature of the worst and best kind. Our director, Dudley Saunderson, chose to attempt the production as a "theatre in the round". It was well received by the residents of Heritage Pines.

A drama about a young boy who is accused of murdering his Father Twelve jurors have been given the responsibility to decide whether this boy is innocent or guilty.  The case consisted of: Burr Lechevet, Joan Beach, Tom Collins, Rick Myers, Nancy Niarchos, Carole Isgro, Carolyn Dillare, Maggie Shell, Debbie Quinn, Paul Mattes, Jim Glynn, Janet Neu, Suzanne Bowden.
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6. DEATH OF A DEAD GUY & SCROOGE MAKES UP  (Nov. 25 - 27, 2016)
The HP Drama Club produced two short plays and performed them both on the same night.

The first play: Death of Dead Guy - A typical comedic murder/mystery. The rich head of a household is found murdered at his desk with a knife in his back. His wife, not the brightest pea in the pod, decided to call in a detective instead of the police to solve the murder. This detective is a Columbo type, constantly saying and doing crazy things. With the help of the staunch butler, the con-artist secretary and the lazy maid, they all proceed to put in their two cents worth to solve the murder.  Cast: Carolyn Dillard, Janet Neu, John Popovich, Tony Ravida, Susanne Castelli & Ric Layne.

The second play: Scrooge Makes Up - A Christmas Carol with a modern twist.  Bitter Ebenezer Scrooge runs a cosmetic company. His business partner, Marley tragically has died from a reaction to their anti-aging cream. Tiny Kim was so badly disfigured from the cream that she wears a paper bag over her head. Three loony ghostly visits occur, with zany characters determined to change Scrooge's outlook on life before it is too late. Cast: Rick Myers, Nancy Niarchos, Susanne Casteli, Carolyn Dillard, Tony Ravida, Janet Neu, Debby Myers, Ric Layne Sally Coppola, Gloria Saunderson, Sandi Berg, Tom Collins, John Popovich, Ralph Pauley
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7. CAN'T BEAT THE HOUSE  (April 7-9, 2016)
Two hapless burglars, Merle and Howie, invade a house that turns out to be empty of valuables, for sale, a crime hide out, and possibly haunted. Before they can flee the premises many zany characters descend upon them: customers, a realtor, a spiritual medium, a cop, and more. Their attempts to get out of there bring  on the laughs. Presented in April 2016 and directed by Bob Isgro and Paul Mattes.
Cast: Sandi Berg as Fern, Carole Isgro as Brittany, Tommy Collins as Howie, Rick Myers as Merle, Paul Mattes as Conrad, Paula Routten as Glenda, Carolyn Dillard as Courtney, Dennis Dori as Larraby, Nancy Niarchos as Lilllian, Sally Coppola as Zenobia
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8. DRINKING HABITS  (April 7, 9 and 10, 2015)
The play takes place in the main room of the convent of the “Sisters of Perpetual Sewing.” Their calling is to mend robes that have been damaged and sent to them for repair.  After they have finished mending them, they ship them back to their owners. Because this does not fully sustain the cost of running the convent, two nuns have been harvesting the vineyards, making wine and then selling it to the town's people. The Mother Superior has no clue that this is going on. Along come two reporters (former fiancées) who have gotten wind of this wine making and disguise themselves as a priest and a nun to investigate. The Mother Superior thinks they may be spies, and they have been sent from Rome to possibly shut them down. Their presence along with the arrival of a new nun spurs paranoia throughout the convent which results in accusations, mistaken identities and romance.
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9. THE BEAT  (November 13-15, 2014)
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11. HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU  (April 4-6, 2014)
A local network TV station is falling apart.  Advertisers are canceling their accounts in droves, viewers are dwindling and the newsroom morale has plummeted to an all time low.  The cause? Hope Couture, the fashion minded, but brainless news anchor who holds the job because of her uncle Angus Slade, the Station Manager.  Hope's news reports cover more fashion and gossip than news and her on screen comments have dragged broadcast journalism to an all time low.  Finally, the station owner, Beulah Bucksworth, drops by after the evening news and delivers a bombshell.  She is closing the station.  That's when the fun begins.
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12. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE  (December 2013)
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13. SENIOR MOMENTS  (October 18, 2013)
Four Playlets written by Drama Club member Sherry Churchill
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2013 - Cafe Murder
14. 2013 - Cafe Murder 
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2013 - Nightwatch
15. 2013 - Nightwatch 
In Spring 2013 HP Drama Club produced Night Watch by Lucille Fletcher. This was a Hitchcockian mystery in the vein of Rear Window. A lady sees a body in an a window across from her apartment but can't convince her husband, friends, or the police of this. This builds to a shocking conclusion. Directed by Paul Mattes
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2012 - Playing Doctor
16. 2012 - Playing Doctor 
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2011 - Lend Me A Tenor
17. 2011 - Lend Me A Tenor 
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2011 - Never Too Late
18. 2011 - Never Too Late 
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2010 - George Bailey's Christmas
19. 2010 - George Bailey's Christmas 
Done in a partnership with the Dick Starkey Radio Players Club.
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2010 - Said The Spider To The Spy
20. 2010 - Said The Spider To The Spy 
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2010 - Caine Mutiny Courtmartial
21. 2010 - Caine Mutiny Courtmartial 
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2009 - Blithe Spirit
22. 2009 - Blithe Spirit 
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2009 - Don't Dress For Dinner
23. 2009 - Don't Dress For Dinner 
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2008 - Leading Ladies
24. 2008 - Leading Ladies 
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2008 - Arsenic & Old Lace
25. 2008 - Arsenic & Old Lace 
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2008 - Barefoot In The Park
26. 2008 - Barefoot In The Park 
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2007 - Odd Couple, Female Version
27. 2007 - Odd Couple, Female Version 
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2007 - Shearluck, Plaza Suite, Reunion
28. 2007 - Shearluck, Plaza Suite, Reunion 
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2006 - California Suite
29. 2006 - California Suite  (February 24, 2013)
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2005 - Fools
30. 2005 - Fools 
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2004 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
31. 2004 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 
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2003 - Twelve Angry Jurors
32. 2003 - Twelve Angry Jurors 
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