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Smart Antenna Tests & Interior Photos
DX Antennas DTA5000 and RCA ANT2000 Smart Antenna Tests and Interior Photos.

On-Air test compares Smart Antennas to Hi-VHF Folded Dipole and Winegard YA-1713 10-Element Hi-VHF Yagi.
Date(s): June 29, 2009. 1 - 5 of 5 Total. Shared
ATI & RDI's DTV5000 Smart Antenna
1. ATI & RDI's DTV5000 Smart Antenna  (12 Aug 2011)
ATI & RDI's DTV5000 Smart Antenna as demonstrated at NAB2003 (never made it to production).

Click on image for High-Rez version.  Then click "X" to close window.
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Smart Antenna On-Air Test
2. Smart Antenna On-Air Test  (28 June 2009)
Smart Antenna Hi-VHF/UHF On-Air Test - 70-miles SE from Mt Wilson (L.A.), outdoors hung on Pergola at 7-ft height,
plus about 18-ft above local terrain.  Antenna "direction" was optimized prior to taking data.
RCA ANT2000 was sensitive to physical direction, DTA5000 not so much and Folded Dipole even less.

RCA ANT2000 vs DX Antennas DTA-5000 vs "calibrated" 0 dBd Gain Folded Dipole (1/2-in Copper Pipe):
Folded Dipole was better than either Smart Antenna for CH7-13, the primary target for this test!!!

Although some local UHF stations showed up, NONE could reliably receive Mt Wilson UHF stations....
which shouldn't be that much of a surprise....although a 4-Bay could get about half.

BTW: Winegard YA-1713 10-Element Yagi was the overall winner for Hi-VHF - as expected.
Despite limitations of the jury-rigged "steering" mechanism, the YA-1713 could steer a null
towards local low power CH12 (only 2.7 miles away), which is co-channel with CH11 and CH13.

Apex DT502 CECB was used for collecting Signal Quality (SQ) and Signal Strength (SS) statistics.
Autoscan used for all tests, then tried to improve SQ/SS by manually "steering" Smart Antenna (no help).
RCA DTA800B1L was also briefly used to verify consistency of Apex DT502 results.
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DX Antennas DTA5000 Smart Antenna
3. DX Antennas DTA5000 Smart Antenna  (5 Aug 2005)
On-Air Comparison Test of DX Antennas VHF/UHF DTA-5000 SMART ANTENNA vs 4-Bay & 8-Bay Antennas using
Sylvania 6900DTE HD-STB, which is the first implementation of the EIA/CEA-909 SMART ANTENNA Interface.
DTA-5000 was about as effective as a 4-Bay but CM-4228 8-Bay was clearly better for UHF, 22-miles away (not quite LOS).
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RCA ANT2000 Smart Antenna
4. RCA ANT2000 Smart Antenna  (29 May 2009)
Interior photos of RCA ANT2000 Smart Antenna shows a pair of (very fat) crossed bowties.

RCA/Audiovox website, navigate to Indoor Antennas:
or more specifically:
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5. Antennas Direct Prototype SMART Antenna  (1 Oct 2016)
Report on Prototype UHF-ONLY SMART ATSC Antenna Array developed by Antennas Direct with funding from NAB
(National Association of Broadcasters).  Not put into production:
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