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T207 - Brown Background
Various looks at one of the more curious "mainstream" tobacco sets from the early part of the 20th Century.

Really ... what were they thinking?
Date(s): July 5, 2010. 1 - 8 of 8 Total. Shared
Current Graded Set
1. Current Graded Set 
Reloading the graded set due to changes over the last 10 years.
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Partial Master Progress
2. Partial Master Progress  (December 6, 2023)

Progress towards the front/back master T207 set - or at least the bulk of it.  Roughly speaking, the 200 cards of the T207 set fall in two classes:

  • Recruit - 150 players, 5 variations for 155 cards 
  • Broadleaf - 50 players, 1 variation for 51 cards

Cards are restricted to one class or the other - there is no overlap.  There are a subset of cards in the Recruit-class that were issued with an Anonymous Factory 3 back, but that is the only apparent caveat to the prior statement.  It doesn't change the fact that those are Recruit-class only, and does not imply that they might also be found with the other Broadleaf-class backs. 

In the numbers below, confirmation for me implies that I have a report from a knowledgable source that I know/trust, or visual evidence from a photo/scan that a front/back combination exists.


  • Recruit Factory 240, 606 - all 155 cards each
  • Napoleon - only 145 currently confirmed
  • Anonymous, Factory 3 ( a.k.a. Anon3 Recruits) - 49 currently confirmed, possibly 50 expected*


  • Broadleaf - all 51 cards confirmed
  • Cycle - 50 cards confirmed
  • Anonymous Factory 3 - all 51 cards confirmed
  • Anonymous Factory 25 - 48 cards confirmed
  • Red Cross - 14 cards of 13 player are known.

 For my pursuit of this 'Master/Master' and for both my sanity and pocketbook, I have excluded:

  • The Lewis no-emblem - examples are confirmed with only Broadleaf and Anon Factory 3 backs to date.
  • The Red Cross back - the uniqueness all but 1 of the 14  known cards makes it neither feasible nor interesting.**

* - The Anon3 Recruits have been the subject of much speculation over time.  Before the early 2000's, it was hypothesized that the Anon Factory 3 back was the only one that could be found on any player.  Survey work published in 2004 (T. Newcomb, VCBC v 37,38) indcated that was likely not the case, listed 22 and hypothesized that 50 was a more likely number of members in that grouping.  Only 49 have been confirmed to-date.  The VCBC survey publication and accompanying text is the source of the naming conventions used in this description.

 ** - The Red Cross back is somewhat shrouded in mystery, or at least mystique.  See the https://www.louisianacards.com/t207.html page for more details

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T207 - Graded Set
3. T207 - Graded Set 
Just so ... mix of SGC, PSA and possibly others.
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T207 Teams - Master
4. T207 Teams - Master  (September 28, 2016)
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T207 - The quiet monster
5. T207 - The quiet monster 
1912 T207 "Brown Background"

Set of cards with almost all variations - lacking only the Lewis (no emblem) for completion.  

Site colors taken from images of cards...
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T207 - By Team
6. T207 - By Team 
Groupings of the T207 set by team for no reason other than, well, you don't normally see them presented this way.

Interesting patterns in the uniforms, poses, and so forth.
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T207 - By Advertising Back
7. T207 - By Advertising Back  (July 5, 2010)
Views of the T207 set grouped by advertising back, as available.

Just another way to highlight the obsession that is this set...   There is much more to be learned about the set, the artwork, and the printing/distribution methods...
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Napoleonic Hall-of-Famers
8. Napoleonic Hall-of-Famers 
There are 13 Hall-of-Famers in the T207 set, each of which is available with the Napoleon back...

10 of those are shown here - missing are Carey, Tinker, and Wheat
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