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Toreq scraper spec sheet
When comparing brands of scrapers for size, make sure that you look at the stroke of the ejection cylinder as well as width and height of the pan. Except for the 6-yard, all of the Toreq's use a 2.5" ejection cylinder rod.

The specs for the wide cut direct mounts aren't on this spec sheet. We'll include them at a later time. The standard cut direct mounts are included on this sheet, except for the 12D.

The clearance at the cutting edge on the 6000, 10000D & 14000D scrapers is incorrect on the spec sheet. The clearance on the 6 is almost 14", and on the Direct Mount 10 & 14 the clearance can be set from 15-20"

When we've traded for other brands of scrapers, we've found that many of them weigh 1,000 lbs less than what their specs say they should weigh.
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